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Is the weather in Austin, Texas comfortable? How hot does it get there?

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    HA! Excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my brow AGAIN.

    Summertimes are HOT! This summer has had almost everyday temps above 100 degrees and we are in a terrible drought. Yesterday the temp ONLY got to 99 and people were dancing in the street (well, not until 10 pm or so when the heat dissipated.)

    The rest of the year is quite nice though. We get ice/snow about every 4 or 5 years and the whole town shuts down because no one has chains or shovels.

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    If extreme heat and humidity is comfortable to you, then yes, the weather in Austin is "comfortable".

    To most of us, it's just hotter than a half-acre of hell. This part of Texas has been baking under triple-digit weather for weeks now.

    Hot enough...

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    Haha comfortable? Its comfortable from February to April and the rest of the time its disgustingly hot! You get used to it after awhile but in the summer months it is more often than not above 100 degrees.

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    texas weather is far it's been in the triple digits for like 16 days Straight hot hot hot

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    Dec-Jan-Feb could be cool and wet Mar-Apr-could could be heat yet stormy June-July-Aug-Sept are warm Oct-Nov could be very friendly however the main serious ingredient approximately Austin to remember is that site visitors is the worst in Texas!

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    it gets hot like really hot but i dont notice it because ive lived here my entire life so you probably will notice it in the summer in the wither the coldest its ever gotten was like in the 30s so its nice every time except summer

  • Anonymous
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    "If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell " "New York is about fifteen-hundred miles east and California is about fifteen-hundred miles west and hell is about six inches deep."

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    there have been many days where the temp. was above 100 degrees fahreinheit.

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    very hot. and extremely humid. its do muggy and hot down here.

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