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What immediate action that HongKong government should take to improve the air quality,do it but not saying it?

I think it has been a matter of public concern on air pollution of Hong Kong that caused a lot of health problem regardless what they ignored the WHO criticized that Hong Kong government didn't do anything to pin point the air pollution. I would like to post the real-time website prepared by A. Hedley, a well-known professor in (incumbent department head) Faculty of Medicine, university of Hong Kong. Those relevant data including the particulates of air in Hong Kong exceeded four times of the WHO's guidelines and there were recorded with 7 million visits for the treatments of air pollution caused diseases in 2007, such as asthma, lungs and heart etc. There is another excellent Y/A answer by Afonse.R described the Hong Kong polluted air is unacceptable with many quoted facts about the worst Hong Kong environment for pursuing the green living is impossible. I think Hong Kong government must try to do something pertaining to the European Kyoto Protocol satandard. However, Hong Kong government want the public to pay for it as what the South China Morning Post published articles regarding there are 100,000 are involved the living cage life style.

According to the social services department latest information there are two millions out of the total seven millions population are living under the poverty line, and 200,000 are living as described as a dog's life. How can they live in a windowless 60 sq ft room with room temperature recorded as 37.4 degree inside. I think (many scholars and economists suggested) before the HK government start any action to solve the air pollution problem that cost a hell lot of money must take a more reasonable economic wise step first to trim the oversized civic body as well as axe the overall overpaid civil servants salaries by at least from 6% to as much as 60%. For instance, the newly appointed Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief Norman Chan is boasted that his salary is axed 32% in comparison to the former chief (still incumbent till October this year) Joseph Yam who made HK $10.3 million per year. He is still the highest pay banker in this world, and will be making HK $7.5 millions each year for five consecutive years. Alan Greenspan, the greatest banker in the US was making equivalent to HK $1.38 millions each year, Timothy Geitherin (incumbent financial chief of the US Treasury) is making less than equivalent to HK $2.5 millions per year. It is rumoured that those few appear on TV weather report officers for HK government is making more than the US president, Barack Obama because of their extra high housing allowance and civil servant benefits. It is better to do the Hong Kong civil servants cleansing and save some money before to do improve the air quality.

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    There are countries who will never sign the agreement, China is one, and the largest polluter too.

    They are building new coal-fired electric plants at an alarming rate, and the plants are big polluters.

    I doubt India will sign. India is also a major polluter. And when more countries find out what it will cost, they won't either.

    It's wrong, I know, but true.

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    Hong Kong people are very polite one. HK government is waiting for the green light from U.S.

    At this moment, the whole world is waiting for U.S. to rewrite the Kyoto Protocols.

    Once there is an international agreed protocol, the whole world will move to a greener direction.

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