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Zodiac - marital discord or bliss?

I can't help but feel that if more people delved into astrology before committing to marriage, divorce would see a profound decline in this country. Please share what your parents' sun signs, etc. are and if they divorced or are still going strong. Also, if you're married, or have been, add that as well. Thought this could shed some light.

Dad - Scorpio (11/11)

Mom - Sagittarius (12/16)

Status - Divorced after 10 yrs.

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    Dad: Gemini

    Mom: Aries

    Status: Still together after 25 years, dispite a rocky relationship because my mom is bi-polar.

    My fiance's parents-

    Dad: Taurus

    Mom: Pisces

    Status: Still together after 36 years & doing great.

    My ex and I: Both Virgos

    Divorced after 7 months, the relationship lasted only about a year + 2 months. He was 11 years older then me and in a rush to get married.


    Expecting my first child any day now with my significant other and our relationship is wonderful, we got engaged 2 years ago and very rarely fight at all. He is Pisces born on Aquarius cusp and I am Virgo. Been together 4 years, known each other close to 6 years.

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    Dad- Scorpio (11/9)

    Mom - Scorpio (10/25)

    Status - Divorced when I was one, and battled a fierce custody battle for 17 years after that.

    My dad is currently going through his 2nd divorce from my cancer step mom. They were doing really well for a long time.. She blames me as the cause of it -_-

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    Mom - Pisces

    "Dad" - Libra

    Status - Divorced after 10 years, and it was a horrible, destructive relationship. Both were into astrology - however, awareness didn't stop them... :/

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    Dad - Gemini (6/6)

    Mom- Gemini (6/9)

    Married for 20 years. Have been divorced for almost 10.

    My Comments? : AHHHH!!!!...Really. AHHHH!!!!

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