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Career options for a liberal arts student?

I decided to go to a top ranked liberal arts school (Grinnell College) more based on the quality of the education rather than considering my vocational future. The school has no formal professional programs like business or engineering. The closest vocational education is computer science or an education major. There's economics too.

However, I have ambitions to live a comfortable lifestyle. What can I do with a LAC degree? I'm not sure if I can go straight to graduate school... the money just won't be there. How hard will it be to break into the business world? I've considered law, but the hours are long and people tell me the market is especially bad for lawyers nowadays.

I really wish I do technical education (engineering, pre-med), but I'm not very good at math. I'm decent at the sciences... but they bore me to death. People keep telling me I won't do well in a subject I don't like... but I'm just not sure my interests (history, English) will offer me financial and job security.

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  • Bill
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Grinnel is an excellent school - wise - no very wise choice.

    I would do pre engineering at Grinnel in a 3+2 program. Engineering schools will then accept you for the last two years eg:

    While engineering does require quite a bit of math, it is not too bad. I say go for it. Those with humanities type degrees in 3+2 engineering programs are very well thought of by employers I can assure you. It makes them a bit more well rounded than the usual math/science types they see. Combining it with economics would be a killer combination - especially if you did industrial engineering which concentrates more on improving processes in a business sense (they do subjects like operations research) rather than what most think engineering is about (ie building stuff);

    Providing you do the standard pre med subjects then you can also try for med school if you wish.

    Again great choice



  • milar
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    good I have a measure in historical past, I can say that that measure is a bit larger than one in a language. I could say simply seem into jobs that require only a four yr measure. I imply there are particularly a couple of available in the market. You must seem right into a graduate software and begin getting capable for the GRE as good. Best of success to you, I certainly not would do a overseas language. I ended up taking signal language to satisfy my language requirement. I desire you the satisfactory of success!! Oh you would desire to take a look at to seem for a few corporations that may wish humans who can talk Spanish. Yeah, so you're no longer fluent in it, you already know adequate to speak a few, and it's going to aid you get extra truly lifestyles train as a way to make grad institution simpler.

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