Any tips on getting into the University of Michigan?

I am going into my sophomore year in high school and I was wondering on if anyone can give me tips to attend Michigan? Am I on the right track? What type of ACT score should I shoot for?

My freshman G.P.A was 4.11(weighted)

Clubs: I'm in band for 4 years, (regular, marching, jazz), Student steering committee, varsity tennis next year, VP of my cultural charity organization, freshman mentor.

Got highest rating in saxophone quartet "1" meaning superior at districts and state level

What do you think my chances are?

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    Man, i dislike it when high school people list weighted GPAs, no one knows what they mean (colleges do not care either).

    - To my memory, michigan only cares about your raw sophomore and junior GPAs.

    - do not stack up your list with tens of activities, it looks silly. Pick a few things, and be very good at them (e.g. rank in national champtionships, etc.)

    - for ACT, try to get 30 or more. I do recommend taking the ACT, the SAT is "more difficult" in almost every way, and better yet -- michigan will not hold it against you if you take the ACT.

    - Know that everyone who applies to michigan has an application just like yours: good GPA, many activities, volunteering, AP/IB full workup, try to find a way to stand out because all applications are almost the same. E.g. you can stand out by having outstanding essays on your application, being good at your extracurriculars.

    - When you write your application, do not lie, but if you can: show drive, targeted ambition, desire, know why you want to go to michigan, what they can do for you specifically, what you can do for them, and so on.

    - Are you a resident of michigan? Michigan is a public university obviously, so it is much easier to get in if you are in-state.

    Source(s): Graduated from Michigan in 2008
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