painting murals inside without damaging walls, and painting over multiple times?

so with the coming of my new house, one of the many experiments i want to do is make a room with white walls so that I can paint murals on them. Now, I am familiar with art, but I am not experienced in painting. In other words, I have the general ideas of what to do, just not the experience. Anyways, with this is mind, I expect the first painting to be pretty bad, but what i plan to do is to just keep painting over little by little, adding more detail, or painting over certain parts. I figured that over a long time, eventually I can make something pretty good, and I've got some really good ideas in my head I just have to work on getting them out onto a painting. So what I want to know is, first of all, would/could this style of painting work, just painting over and over many times to cover up flaws? And also, is there a way to do all this without ruining the walls and lowering the value of the house? I don't know too much about painting inside so I know I'll just need good ventilation but I figured that wont matter I'm I'm only using a small amount of paint at a time, like just an average brush not a giant roller or anything. Or if there's anything else that I should really know, please I could use the advice. Anyways anyone who knows a bit about how these things work, any input would be appreciated. thanks!

also i didnt know if this should be under the painting section or under the remodeling or other home section so if you think this is in the wrong place just tell me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    use acrylic paint and it wont ruin the walls. dont use oils. slap as much paint as you want. dont hold back. if you dont like it. white wash it and start over.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I'm no expert on paints, but I have painted several wall murals using nothing other than craft paint. You can get this at any craft store. I actually bought most of mine at Wal Mart!! They are cheap and offer a wide variety of colors. They come in small bottles with a flip cap so you can squirt out just the amount that you need. And a little goes a long way, so they last a long time. They also wash off the skin very easy, which is great for me, since I'm very messy! And all of my murals have lasted a long time, even the ones that I painted in a day care center and they get touched all the time!!

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