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Which do u like most? elementary school, middle school, or high school?

High School - i only like it cuz u get to get out

Elementary School - everything was fun, enjoyable, very popular, and easy

Middle School - i hated Middle School cuz this was the point of distress.

It was a hellhole for me and most people who went to my school. You had to deal with so much immaturity and crap.

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    I like High School, more freedom I guess.

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    I much preferred teaching elementary school. You can still work with the kids and talk sense to them and make sense.

    I taught Middle School for a couple of years. I think the experience would have been better if the administration hadn't been such wusses in the area of support. As it was, I had no support, so the kids were free to be as "bad as they wanna be." There was no follow-through on the administrative side of discipline issues. And the kids knew that.

    The high school I taught at was a private school. It was so pathetic there (the corruption at the leadership level) that I resigned mid-year. I had no desire to let my teaching certificate be associated with such a place. There had been a murder threat by a student toward another group of students and teachers. It was swept under the doormat.

    No, elementary school is my favorite, because you can actually teach and actually have have fun teaching and learning with the kids.

    **EDIT** Ok, you asked this in the teaching section... you want to know about MY schooling experience? We moved a lot (AirForce) throughout elementary school. Some were good. Some not so good. When I was in school, 6th was elementary school, and 7th, 8th, 9th were junior high. Junior high was a very uncomfortable and awkward time for me.. we were still moving around a lot. High school was fun in some spots and a nightmare in other spots. I'm gonna say my favorite years of schooling were my undergraduate college years. I lived in a dorm, 500 miles away from home. I was a brand spanking new Christian... and we had fun! Midnight doughnut parties, serenading the guys' dorms..

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    Middle School.

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    i loved elementary school. No one cared about how you looked and you made friends easily instead of like high school! The work was easy too and you could just come home and play! Also, your parents were more involved in taking care of you so that was nice

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    Elementary is easy but boring.

    Middle school is a hellhole! Everyone doesnt know who they are, so they try to hurt everyone else.

    High school is hard but people are nicer.

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    Middle school!

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    ha i've only been to two different schools but i would say so far middle school was my favorite year cuz i had a breakthrough i started to make new friends and be more outgoing. and i got my first boyfriend in this summer. please answer mine too. it's in singles and dating. "i just went on a date what should i text him?" cya.

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    I miss elementary school :(

    Mmm nap time, snack time, field trips!! We have no field trips at the high school I go to. It sucks. Ohh and there was no cliques and no cared about what you wore. Awww. Kids have it so good.

  • I love middle school because:

    1. I'm in it right now.

    2. I'm in the best school (Harvard-Westlake)!! YA WOLVERINES!!!

    3. I met the best friends in middle school!!!

    4. I also met the best teachers!

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