These illegals here for better life what went wrong Marshals arrest illegal suspected in Hargill slaying?

EDINBURG — Federal marshals arrested a man Wednesday accused of kidnapping and beating his ex-girlfriend to death with a stone.

Jose Juan Sanchez, 33, had evaded authorities since the body of Laura Isabel Reyes was found in a field near Hargill on July 13.

The U.S. Marshals Service located Sanchez outside a relative’s house in Cicero, Ill., near Chicago, where he was arrested without incident, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño said.

The search for Sanchez led authorities to Houston, Dallas, across Indiana and finally to Greater Chicago, where a cross-check of his relatives’ phone records led authorities to the fugitive.

Sheriff’s deputies are on their way to interrogate him in Illinois, where he awaits a hearing on his extradition to the Rio Grande Valley. Authorities plan to arraign him on one count of capital murder once he is brought back here.

Deputies believe Sanchez kidnapped Reyes, 35, from the McAllen baseball park on North Ware Road on July 12. She managed to dial 9-1-1 before Sanchez and an alleged accomplice, Ernesto Castillo Rodriguez, tied her up and loaded her in the back of her Dodge Caravan.

On the recording of that phone call, Reyes can be heard pleading for her life and asking Sanchez not to kill her, the sheriff said. A male voice on the recording tells someone to stay down. The phone cuts out about four minutes into the call.

McAllen police have said attempts to contact the 9-1-1 caller after the phone conversation ended were unsuccessful.

Investigators said Castillo and Sanchez took the woman to a field near the intersection of M. Davila Road and Farm-to-Market Road 490 near Hargill, where she was beaten to death with a large stone.

Castillo, a Mexican national and illegal immigrant living in Mission, confessed to helping with the kidnapping and slaying, court records state. He told investigators he acted as a lookout for Sanchez and restrained the woman.

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    More Americans are killed by illegal aliens than were in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    I assure you, in almost every debate, dispute, etc. There are good and bad people on both sides. I don't know your background, but what you are doing is simply assuming that being undocumented consists of having a slay kit and evil mentality at birth. Like I said, I don't know you, but based on your icon, you could be a white female. Let's say one day something terrible happened. A white female goes to a store and murders a group of people. She then brutally kidnaps the clerk and kills him. Should there be an outrage? Should America begin arresting white females left and right with no sense of control? Of course not. Your argument is crap that you're offering at a discount price. Believe me, watch any news channel. See a gruesome crime. Now ask yourself, is the perpetrator's race/class/status/gender etc. the culprit. Should we incarcerate and judge everything/everyone that relates to him or her someway or another. Have you stirred my mind, no. Should you revise yours, I would hope so.

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    You keep doing this all the time. You take one specific event and blame it on a whole group or race. This is truly sad. Your logic towards this is so wrong. You can not define a group of people by one persons action. Anyone can use your example and look for crimes done by people of certain races and post them and then blame the whole race for those type of crimes. The good thing is that not all people are like do not represent all americans. Most of them can read this and can tell that your just spilling hatred towards a group of people. Nobody would like to be judged by your standards. I would personally not look up a crime done by a caucasian and then blame all caucasins for those type of crimes. Let me give you an example. Most serial killers have been white males. BUT IN NO WAY WOULD I DEFINE THAT RACE BY THOSE PEOPLE'S ACTIONS. Intellect is sacred ignorance is sad. All i see in you is sadness and hate.

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    Very sad, but those kind of things happen everyday. There is a lot of bad people everywhere

    But the guy is already in custody

    Only thing that comes to mind is that you become a crime fighter, like Batman, Spider man, or something like that . Not Superman, because you would need superpowers

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    What goes wrong anytime someone kills someone? Don't you ever get tired of cutting and pasting?

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