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how is life as a abh in the navy honest answers please no bullshit !!!?

i got put on {a deck} as my job im in the delayed enty program as of now i also want to know how would my job be assighned out of three choices abe,abf and abh and also the best job out of the three ???

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    hey i got the same thing. A-DEK. we have to pick which one we want from those 3. Well what i heared is that its hard but to rank up is not that hard. But i would choose ABH which i heared the most chill job to those 3 and better. so yea. idk how life is but i would like to know too. And 1 more thing, i heared that most of the people from aviation mostly do recruiting. lol. well yea. Thats good u got a job because its getting hard to join.

    Source(s): by the way i shipped out on march15 2010
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    ABH is definitely the better of the three. All three on a ship (carrier) are work intense (meaning a lot of hours). ABE's work in the catapult spaces and some up on the flight deck. ABF, refueling aircraft. that equates to hauling fuel hoses to all places on the flight deck (heavy work). There are other spots like the hangar bay maybe even getting a squadron and making plane captain.

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    Spell out the rates. There are so many it's hard to figure out what you are talking about.

    Source(s): 9.5 years in the US Navy
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