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im having a strange period any ideas?

im sorry its so long. but about a month ago i thought i might be pregnant. my boyfriend never did "anything in me" and we used a condom i got my period but i had some symptoms of pregnancy like stomach cramps back aches and headaches. i got my period last month and then again this month. however this month it was a bout 4 days early(although its usually late or early) and the cramps were the worst i ever had them and i have a little brown in my blood i was wondering is this a sign of pregnancy or not.?? or what else it might be. please dont say go to the doctor because that is not an option any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Erin is right so i do no longer comprehend why she has had 2 thumbs down. you won't be able to have a era once you're pregnant, a era is the launch of an unfertilised egg alongside with the endometrium. If this have been the case, then it may additionally be achieveable to fall pregnant, collectively as you're pregnant. which isn't. you could desire to circulate to well being facility in case you're bleeding and for beneficial pregnant. they gained't be waiting to do something for you in case you will miscarry, yet they are going to be waiting to permit you comprehend if a miscarriage is probable or no longer. attempt to no longer project yet you certainly could desire to be considered. stable success.

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    Miscarriage. That little brown was a fetus.

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    i would recommed and home pregnancy test

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