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Is It OK For My Little Sis to Eat Like This?

ok, my little sis is 8 years old, and our food my mom buys are pizza, popcorn,ice cream, not a lot of junk food, just a few, and my sis seems to react more to the food my mom buys then more the food my mom makes, my mom once told me she was sad that no one eats the food she makes, and i think thats my sis she means



Night-little what my mom makes -ice cream

so i dunno, does she need to take a lay off the food or what?, cause im worried about her, she looks skinny, but my future thinks she'll be bigger by the age of 10.

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    Overall, she shouldn't eat like that. Granted, she is young, so she probably won't get fat depending if she has a high metabolism, but this is too unhealthy. It's ok to treat yourself everyonce in a while, but to eat constantly like that isn't that good.

    For example, constantly eating pizza is not good for her cholesterol levels which may get out of hand once her metabolism starts to wear down when she gets older. As for the ice cream, too much sugary foods can lead to diabetes. However, the main concern is that if she keeps eating this way, will she develop an eating habit like this. If so, then it isn't quite good for her future health. Once at a certain age, her body won't be able to tolerate all the junk food and health problems will soon develop. Plus, since she's young, she should be eating healthier to give her bodies as much healthy nutrients so she can grow and have a healthy body. Try convincing her to eat some more fruits and vegetables and meats and grains. Although the pizza can contain any one of these 4 food groups, it isn't enough. Remember, it's ok to treat yourself every once in a while, but it's best to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

    Source(s): Some healthy foods you could be eating: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/eatthis/34179/6-he... Some quick meals that your mom could prepare that'll add variety: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/food/5-dinners-in-2...
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    You're right, she will definitely become bigger if she keeps eating like this. Pizza in the morning, and afternoon along with popcorn, that's not healthy at all. Even if she doesn't seem unhealthy at this time, it will definitely become worse. Try telling your mom to buy less of those foods, so your sister is forced to eat less of those foods.

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