Can i play acclaim's Bot without lag?and is it fun?

I'm thinking of playing it but most games that I have 2 download ends up being lagy such as combat arms and gunz.Wondering do u need to have really good comp/internet (answering with wut you need wud rly help ) thanks to anyone that answers

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Bots is a decent game, it gets boring after a while, but, if it's your first time playing you will have fun. Most people can play without much lag or any as long as they have their own internet (not riding off a wireless signal) and a computer that came out at least around 1999. You've probably expireanced bad lag in gunz, at least, because ijji doesn't have a good server for their games and they will run poorly unless you do have a good computer and a pretty fast internet connection.

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