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Genealogy tree.... dang...?


I been doing my families genealogy tree for quiet a while... But, now i reached a point that I'm stuck. I have already interviewed all the left living older members of my family to get the most information. My tree is hard due to my family traces back to origins in Europe; in Spain, France and also Italy. Also the trace to Venezuela which is in South America. Most of the sites I go on are for America (USA) census and if you want "extra" you need to pay... X( . So I was wondering what would be any recommendations from anybody, i don't mind if you give me pay to sites but free are prefer.... Also, TIPS!!!

Also I had a really hard question.... Let's say that a child doesn't get his father surname but instead gets the mothers (cause he left), how would you be able to trace the father, if you have no lead to him what so ever?

Finally THANK YOU!!!!

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    Have you tried this website?

    Try each countries national archives or libraries using a translation software or service. Church archives too.

    If the child is male and a direct descendant is male the Y gene is passed down father to son thru the generations. You can try a DNA test to see which surname the Y gene is associated with. Use a DNA testing lab with the most samples and tests, may even find another male family member.

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