Where to start - a desktop to play 1 game?

OK, I've just learned that desktops are cheaper than gaming laptops, so I'll try this over again. As of right now, all I want to do is play 1 game with these recommended requirements;

Windows Vista (I don't know which Home Basic pack is best)

Pentium 4 @ 2.4GHz or better (or any product that is close in comparison)

512MB of RAM (hopefully I could just buy more RAM later on)

GeForce FX 5600 or 5700 (or better, obviously)

With most of these, isn't it possible just to swap out some of the older components and replace them with better ones (assuming I buy an older desktop)? I don't think you can do as much upgrading with laptops as a desktop. Plus I've been informed I can buy a Wi-Fi adapter for a desktop :)

Crap, one last question that would make everything easier for you guys....

Easier to buy a brand new compy with these specs or buy older and upgrade?


Sorry. The game is Combat Arms. Just a bunch of fun guys on there :)

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    new on definetly, hmmm try this


    or you can build your own for the cheapest price.

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    OK first of all your correct desktops are way cheaper than laptops :D HAY!!!

    you'll probably waste more money trying to fix or upgrade a used desktop, because you'll never know what ae you buying and something may be damage. so it will be better to buy a new one but if you know how to use a Phipps head and read a manual. then your best bet and cheapest way is to built your own cool fast running desktop. you can even find website online that will do it for you but they will charge you for it.

    for you other questions is for massive gaming your best bet will be windows vista ultimate 64-bit or 32, for a great processor a Intel i7 core processor will be heaven for you. but if you decide to built your own or customize your desktop invest on a great motherboard so in the future it will be easier to upgrade your computer and add more ram or memory to your desktop.

    the website below is the one i use when i order my computer parts and they have great deals and when you know what parts you want i recommend going to amazon for the cheapest prices but newegg has great customer services so if you have any problems they'll help you out

    Source(s): www.newegg.com
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    You can get a Desktop that will play that game for like 300 new. Your better off buying a new one, old ones might have problems. Also, let us know what game it is in a note.

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