what did you wear the first day of highschool?

so im going to... yes you guessed it, highschoool. and im not really sure what to wear. any ideas? pictures are nice too :]

thanks guys.


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    Wear something causal dont ever wear a dress the first day.

    Maybe some skinny jeans something like this:


    A casual tee shirt

    Go buy some Vans

    Black Jansport backpacks are nice

    Or go with a bag or tote.

    BTW dont stress out my first day was pretty scary but

    just keep cool

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    I'm going into high school too. So this may not be the answer you were looking for, because I don't have the 'experience.' But I will tell you what I am going to wear!

    I suggest you don't dress up for the first day; people will think you are trying too hard. Wear something you would usually wear. I am going to wear a high waisted skirt (as I usually wear for anything) with a tee shirt or tank tucked in. With flats. I am saving my nice dress for the second day. If you are going to dress up at all, I suggest you at least do it the second day.

    Hope I helped you!

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    On your first day of highschool you just need to be yourself. So wearing something that you like, and thats in your style is helpful. You dont want to start the year with an impression of someone your not. Because everything will blow up in your face in the end. Believe me, I'm only a Junior, I know what i'm talking about. On the first day of school I wore a Pair of Jeans with a Plain Whit T Shirt ad my favorite Zip up Hoodie which happened to be really comfortable. Just be yourself. Browse through some magazines and highlight or circle what you like and try to incorporate your own look by getting ideas from those. See where it takes you.

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    i wore a black v neck shirt, jeans, black nike dunks & a black backpack. i have to say i looked bad but it didn't matter b/c my friends & i had so much fun the first & rest of freshman year. you should wear what ever you feel like wearing but if i have to choose then i would say skinny jeans with flats or converse or keds or vans, a graphic tee or plain tee, with a cardigan & some accessories that compliment the outfit. Remember to be yourself, don't follow the crowd. That's why i did & highschool was really fun freshman year. Sophmore year is just plain boredom

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    I think it's very important to looks nice because people will look at everyone and some of you friends are people that you met in the first day.

    Wear a flashy accessory, it can be shoes, bag, neckless, bracelet... something you like and other people look at and feel like they want it...

    don't wear something too nice, but don't wear something you'd put on everyday, look like you care,

    I wore dark blue jeans, a dark blue shirt with some kind of surfer imaged with flowers, and a shirt over it so I could look more put together.

  • i wore a Delia's tshirt with a peace sign on it with a pair of green and yellow plaid Hollister shorts and blue DC sneakers. as you can tell, i didn't get too dressed up, lol, but i really liked the outfit and for me i was just thinking "hey these look cute together, guess i'll wear 'em" haha. don't stress over the perfect outfit because the first day is only one day, and you have the wholeeeee rest of the year to find outfits you really wanna try out :]

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    I wore a graphic tee from Target, skinny jeans, and converse shoes. Pretty plain, I know, but I like to be comfortable. Wear whatever you think looks good on you. Good luck in your first day of high school!

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    I wore Blue Route 66 jeans, an Quicksilver t-shirt, K-Swiss (white) shoes, and I jelled the **** out of my hair. But I'm a guy and for us the first day of high school was just the first day of the next four years worth of a pain in the *** to come lol. I graduated last june HELL YEAH! I'M OUT! lol

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    I'm about to go into high school too and I'm going to wear:

    A gray cardigan w/ a slouchy tank top under neath w/ some shorts or skinny jeans and some flats or vans


    Just dress comfortable and fashionable and you'll have everyone staring



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    OMG! I am going to start high school too! Well,

    I would wear....

    Some cute shorts


    a nice printed tee


    a cardigan

    and my

    new shoes (harajuku lovers)

    (but everyone gets to pick their first shoes) WEAR YOUR FAVES!

    and that it


    but glamorous!

    add your funky style to it!

    Paint your nails a cool color


    :) Have Fun

    P.s I sure will

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