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At What Point In History Was The USA Strategically Strongest Compared to the Rest of the World?

I would like a year, an explaination. Please include details of the rest of the world compared to the United States that would support your cliam. My personal view is that the US was the strongest in 1945 after developing the bomb and having a large army force.

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    To the two 'D's, you're mistaken. The United States is not nearly as powerful today as it was from 1945-1991. Despite what your fifth grade teacher might tell you, when the Soviet Union fell, the European Union was established soonafter and it quickly became wealthier and more progressive than the US. It has a higher education system, a better economy, a higher standard of living, and most importantly, a higher happiness rating (all this relative to Western and Northern Europe mind you).

    The SU and US were balanced superpowers, and essentially the US became the only remaining 'superpower' with the SU's fall, but that was relatve to military might only.

    Now, China is exponentially growing in both military and economical might, whereas the US is declining. The US is still at the top in regards to military (along with China), but not in economy. Ergo, we are not as strong now. In 20 years, we will not be in the top 5. The idea that no other country can challenge us is both naive and promulgated by nonsense conservative media. If that were the case, the wars would not have been as costly as they have been.

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    The USwas strongest itself in 1945 after the end of World war II. However, in relation ot the rest fo the world, it was not at ists strongest then because it was challeneged by the USSR.

    In relation ot the rest of the world, the US was strongest in 1920. This is because of World War I. In 1900, Britain was the strongest country in the world, unchallenged by anyone else. The other Eurpean powers such as Germany, France, Russia etc were next in strength. Then, between 1900 and 1910, Britain began to be challenegd by Germany and the U.S.A industrially. Then, in World War I, Britain and Germany almost destroyed each other, along with the rest of the european powers. This Left U.S.A as the undisputed most powerful country in the world. This lead was enlarged by the fact that the european powers bought most of the resources for rebuilding themselves from America, leading to the economic boom in the U.S.a in the 1920s.

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    We were strongest in 1918. We were the only winner of World War I and had the strongest economy. Britain and France had their economies ruined and too many of their young men killed.

    In 1945 we had to share the victory with the USSR which immediately began the Cold War.

    Source(s): B.A. in history with honors and distinction.
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    At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. At that time its major strategic adversary - the USSR - was out of the game for a while and the two major developing nations - China and India - had only just begun their extraordinary growth. There were no serious military or economic rivals.

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    I agree with you. It was at this point that it was strongest as a Republic before the presidency became too powerful, this point when it had its largest percentage of its population trained for war and industry, at this point that it was strong on energy independence, at this point that it had massive industrialization, and at this point when it produced all of its own food supply.

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    We were the strongest in 1945, because we were the only country that wasn't ruined by war, and were the only country that had nuclear arms.

    Today we are also strong, because we are the only superpower. No other country is strong enough to challenge us. However, other nations have nuclear arms.

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    Yes 1945 sounds like a good answer. However we are also the Strongest right now.

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    Well said Pampersg.

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    Today. We have never had as much power as we do today.

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