history of blackouts and seizures?

I have a history of undiagnosed seizures accompanied with unexplained blackouts. I was seeing a neurologist before I lost my insurance and during that time I was hospitalized by a severe migraine that had lasted over a week that was coupled with blackouts and medication had no effect on said migraine. I gave birth 10 weeks ago and in the last few weeks I have noticed gaps in my memories; similar instances to what I was having when I was having blackouts and seizures previously. Every time I have been treated after a black out or seizure nothing has ever been found and I assume that is because the drs wait too long to run certain tests. Since I am on state insurance through the end of the month and i dont have a regular dr I dont know what to do in regards to the fact that i suspect I am having black outs again. I am afraid that they are getting worse because I have been feeling lightheaded and dizzy and fear that I am going to black out while carrying my daughter and inadvertently hurt my daughter. I am not sure what i should do; I think going to the ER would do any good since nothing is ever found and none of my records are currently available to them since I moved to the state i am in only a year ago and not having a regular dr that knows me and my medical history makes it a little difficult to be seen. Any suggestions?

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    ERs essentially patch you up, but they are not neurologists which is what it sounds like you need. Do everything you have to keep your insurance. If by state ins. you mean medicaid, it will be hard to find a dr. who accepts it bc the pay is very low, the paperwork is a horror and the state is VERY demanding. You might have to find a neurologist at your nearest medical school (many large cities have them). For now, stay away from street drugs and alcohol, but try to get to a neurologist. Getting advice over the net is not a good way to get treatment.

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    I suggest going to a doctor. Find one that will take new patents if you have too. Tell him what the problems are.

    Have you ever had ear problems when you were younger.

    I have something sort of like you do. They have never found out that causes it. At one time I was on 7 different kinds of meds at once.

    I hope that you are not driving if you think they are getting worse.

    You should really do what ever you need to do to get it looked into before it is too late.

    Dont you wish there was a real Dr. House.

    Wish you luck

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    I hope you've had your blood tested for anemia, sometimes that can cause passing out and seizures, I had many as a child and was anemic for many years. Also my daughter had seizures (she also has lupus) and started craving eggplants. I bought them for her, sometimes 3 large ones per week. This went on for several months so I figured they were helping her somehow (other things she craved also helped) and researched eggplants. They have a chemical in them that is anti-seizure. I don't know what to tell you about the insurance situation. Sorry.

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    i have a seizure disorder myself, been tested and nothng ever found wrong...i take dilantin everyday............no problems now

    one friend is a heavy drinker, he has a lot of seizures

    another friend smokes weed all day every day and stays on the computer and playstaion games..........he has a lot of seizures

    Source(s): i have a seizure disorder, had first one while in the Army...hooraa!
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