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Breast Feeding in Public. Right or Wrong?

Where do you stand on the issue of it being right or wrong for a lady to whip out her breast to feed her baby in a public place like a store or restaurant?

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    I breastfed in public where necessary, with discretion. Most women who are breastfeeding don't want the world gawking at their breasts, they just want their baby to be nourished.

    It is the way we were intended to feed out infants, plastic and glass bottles weren't always around.

    Everyone is screaming about landfills and greenhouse gas emissions and saving the earth but heaven forbid should a woman feed her baby the way nature intended it. Those who say that breastfeeding is gross or disgusting need to grow up and look at history. If people weren't breastfed, then nobody would be here to have created the bottles in the first place.

    I wonder how offended people would be if someone came up to them and told them the sight of them eating was disgusting and couldn't they go to a disgusting public bathroom to eat. They would be told whereto go alright. Adults shouldn't have to eat in public bathrooms but babies... our future, babies should be shoved in a dirty corner to eat. nice.

    To summarize, there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding or breastfeeding in public with the vast majority of mothers, but I feel that discretion is the key point.

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    I have no problem with allowing a woman to breastfeed her child in public. It is food for a child it's not sexual. I do think that the mother should be considerate to others. Using a blanket can reduce the social awkwardness that many people may have against breastfeeding. Be wise about when and where to "whip out" and feed the baby.

    But I'm a man, what do I know.

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    Well not very often will you find a Mother just "whipping it out" in public. Almost all Moms are pretty discreet. Some babies though just won't stand to be covered up. I do think if you are in a store or restaurant to try to find a corner or somewhere quiet with less people to feed. It is just common courtesy.

    Heh you think about in other countries they don't have any problems running around naked or half naked with naked babies on their breasts which usually are hanging way down-haha.

    It is only here that things like this are not acceptable.

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    Women don't have to whip out their breast to feed the baby for all to see. Breast feeding in public is fine, but at least put a little cover over the baby while doing so. No one needs to see the breast.

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    It's right. A mom should be able to feed her child where ever and when ever she wants. Although, the mother should consider the people around her too. She should at least cover the breast and the baby with a blanket so that she's not flashing everyone.

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    It can take a while to get comfortable with breastfeeding in public. The main reason for that initial discomfort is probably the taboo against revealing one's breasts around other people. Ironically, most breastfeeding women reveal much less skin while breastfeeding than the average jeans commercial reveals. Yet many people find one inappropriate and the other tolerable. Their concerns seem to stem less from actual skin exposure and more from cultural beliefs.

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    I understand that she wants to feed her baby but I find it awkward when a woman whips out her breast in public no matter what the case. There are discreet ways of doing it and they should respect the fact that not everyone wants to see their boob.

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    I don't mind watching people eat ice cream cones right out in broad daylight, so a baby nursing on a park bench doesn't bother me in the slightest. Breasts are food in this context, not there for the prurient interest of puritans, and I know very few women who "whip it out"'s generally pretty discreet.

    People need to get over this and stop staring, fascinated, at the boobies.

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    Most don't just whip it out and let it hang their bare, most women have some type of blanket or top covering their breast as they feed.

    Honestly it's a boob.

    Big freakin' deal. She is feeding a baby.

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    babies need to be fed, too. Not shuffled off to a bathroom to get his meal. My youngest daughter felt the same and when she was out with her son and he needed feeding (she breast-fed him until he was 9 months, then he weaned himself to solid foods). I have been with her on some of these ocassions and she sat quiely, gave him the breast and covered him and her exposed breast with a receiving blanket...No one in the restaurant complained or made any negative remarks.



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