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Boston Terrier Breeders near Raleigh, NC?

I've been looking for a Boston Terrier puppy near Raleigh NC for some time now, but I'm having difficulty finding breeders online. Does anyone know of a good resource for locating B.T. breeders? I've been googling in my spare time for the past few days and I can't seem to find anything.

And before you say anything, I am a huge advocate of shelters and rescues, and have worked at one for over 3 years...this is just a gift for my boyfriend (for our 2 year anniversary) because he's always talked about wanting to get a purebred boston terrier.

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    Boston Terrier Puppies Nc

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    Boston Terrier Rescue Nc

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    Here is a list of lots of Boston Terriers, most of which are purebred, they are on petfinder, and are looking for good homes. Also, I put in the Raleigh NC zip code so they are also close to you! Some are even puppies.

    In addition to this, it may be useful to contact a Boston Terrier Rescue group who may be able to point you in the right direction.

    I always feel it is better to look to shelters or rescues than to breeders unless you plan on showing or need the dog for a specific reason. Please consider checking those out.. I hope your bf loves his gift, just make sure he's ready for it and you both are willing to take responsibility in caring for it. Most people will be a little uneasy about allowing you to either purchase or adopt a dog if it is for someone else. Good luck.

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    You do know no reputable breeder will sell you a pup that is meant to be a gift right? Pay for it all you want but let him and the breeder work out which dog is best for him, that is of course after making sure he actually wants a BT right now.

    http://lumberjacksbostons.homestead.com/Index.html The only breeder in NC listed with the breed club

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    The Magazine Dog Fancy

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