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Why am I so stupid, how do i become brighter?

My mom and dad are always calling me stupid because i unintentionally do something wrong, or whenever i make a mistake, for instance, today i asked my mom if i could go to the beach when she got home from work and she started yelling at me saying i was stupid for not asking later, like after dinner or something, every time something like this happens i feel so suicidal because it makes me feel like i'm a joke to the world. growing up my whole life i always got yelled at for accidents. my uncle once called me virus hands..& one day when i spilled a smoothie my parents went crazy and said why are you such an idiot? you can never do anything right your so clumsy and your never careful, and so on. and it really hurt my feelings., i feel like i get yelled at for the smallest things.

and not to mention one time when i brought home an award for good grades, my dad said "oh you probably printed this out on your own"

and that one hurt me the most

this happens so much and im sick and tired of it, what should i do?

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    i don't know how to answer that question. But first off no parent should ever call their own child stupid or whatever. Are you sure you're not adopted?! your parents seem very agile and irritated at every disturbances. ha ha just joking but anyways you are intelligent you just don't have common sense. have a journal and write down things you have done or things you are going to do. plan your thoughts ahead. if you have something plan this week write it down. keep your head clear of frustration and sensitive emotions.

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    i feel the same way as you alot pretty similar, cept i got bad grades just keep your head up don't gota live at home forever. =p

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    Maybe tell your parents how they make you feel

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