whats better to major in astronomy or astrophysicist?

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    "Astronomy" has become a general category of many disciplines that study the make up of the universe. Classical observational astronomy has generally changed from just visual inspection of the sky to using instruments like cameras, radio telescopes, and space probes to read and measure the sky or the surface of planets and their satellites.

    As we have gained better understanding and methods of studying objects in the sky the number of sciences involved in the studies have increased. They now include, astrophysics, geology, meteorology, hydrology, chemistry, and maybe one day soon, biology.

    Basically, almost any physical or life science that does space related research can be considered as falling under the general category of astronomy. That means there is more opportunity than ever before to contribute to our understanding of the universe.

    Keep looking up.

  • eri
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    There really isn't much you can do with either degree if you're not planning on going to grad school, and if you are planning to go to grad school, you should be majoring in physics. Classes in astronomy, math, and computer science are useful/necessary as well, but physics is essential for grad school in astronomy or astrophysics. A double-major in physics and astronomy would be great - and spend your summers doing REU programs to get research experience for grad school (and to make sure that's what you want to do with your life).

    Source(s): double-majored, now doing a PhD in physics, astrophysics
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