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Has anyone out there read The Bloody Jack series?

anyone? at all? if so, do you know when LA Meyer plans on publishing the next book?


I have read Bloody Jack, Blue Tatto, Jolly Roger, Belly of Bloodhound, Mississippi Jack, and Bonny light horseman.

i guess the next one is rapture of the deep.

Update 2:

Artimes Fowl, nice catch on that! I forgot about that fact

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    according to Rapture of the Deep is coming in early August, but Amazon says late September, so... It is on it's way though.

    After that we can look forward to Wake of the Lorelei Lee, may i remind you that Lorelei Lee was the ship that Joesph Jared was last stationed on...

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    On it says August 31st 2009

    but on Wikipedia it says September 28, 2009.

    Either way, it's soon! Yay, those are great books!

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    Yep. Loved them! Well... have you read Missisipi Jack, and that one that comes after it..?

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