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Is 7 hours of sleep enough for a 13 yr. old?

I just want to set a good bedtime for school and was wondering if this was enough.

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    Actually, everyone is different. Some people can handle themselves better with little sleep (I know this because I swear to God by best friend has never slept in her life) but you should be getting 8-10 hours a night. Of course, that isn't always reasonable. One or two nights with only 7 hours of sleep aren't going to kill you, but you don't want to make a habit of it.

    My best advice is to try to pick a bedtime that will allow you to wake up on your own, without an alarm clock (if you can) because waking up on your own will make you feel more rested.

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    I would stick with no less than 8 hours a night. There's no such thing as too much sleep. Your body will go through its toughest years in terms of puberty and growth... You will need all the rest you can get

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    no. 8-9 is

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    not realllly, more like 8

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