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Should I go to Texas woman's university of University of North Texas? Can you help me decide my major plz?

i'm trying to decide whether to major in marketing, entrep., or dietetics.....I am hesistant in getting a marketing or entrep. degree because those degrees are pretty much useless....A lot of people in business don't even have a business degree (with the exception of accountants because they need an accounting degree)

I'm not incredibly interested in dietician but i'm somewhat interested...I don't want to manage kitchens but I am interested in helping people and nutrition......I just feel a marketing or entrep. is not going to help me land a job....right now I am more interested in the business aspect but I want a degree for to fall back on..that's a main reason why I want to get a degree in dietics....

i'm not 100 percent sold I want to own a business or do promotions

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if you get a dietetics degree it doesn't really hurt your chances in getting a marketing or promotions job.......but if I get a business degree I CAN'T become a dietician


not sure if they need an accounting degree but they have to get certified

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not sure if they need an accounting degree but they have to get certified

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    I know this girl that got her Bachelor's Degree in Business at Texas A&M she works at a donut shop (can't find a decent job).

    I know this other girl who got a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from UT Austin (she works at Target).

    I know this guy who got a Bachelor's Degree in Business from UTSA (um no job).

    I don't know any Dieticians have to keep in mind which job is recession proof.

    Do some research and see.

    I would go for the Dietician's degree. You will not only be helping people but you will have better job security.

    Or look on hotjobs and other job posting sites and see what is in more demand.

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