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I found some foreign money in my attic. It's Twenty Pounds which is $40 US dollars. Where can I exchange it?

Okay, the money says Bank Of England. It's a 1993 note that says Twenty Pounds. I researched the net and found that it's worth close to $40 US dollars. My question is..... where can I exchange this bill for US dollars? I took it to a bank and they said they don't convert foreign money. Any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

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    If you have a bank account, they will usually accept the foreign currency, send it out for collection, and then credit your account. You may need to open an account at a larger bank for this purpose. I am able to deposit foreign currency (Canadian) at my credit union all the time.

    Otherwise, you could go to a major airport and exchange the currency or you could donate the foreign currency to the UNICEF "Change for Good" Fund:

    U.S. Fund for UNICEF

    ATTN: Change for Good Program

    125 Maiden Lane

    New York, NY 10038

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    Don't worry about the dollars; wait till you get to egypt to change them (I've paid for my groceries, dental work, gas and dinner in restaurants in dollars. Everyone accepts them, and many will change them for you.) Hotels often have exchanges, banks abound and there are new exchange machines here and there. As for vaccinations; if you're going to be here a while, I recommend: Hepatitis A and B Tetanus Rabies Meningitis Typhoid (take the pill, it's easier) MMR Polio DTP Of course, you probably have many of these already :) Medicines... pharmacies here are well stocked and sell almost anything without a prescription. The local "Anti-Nal" is a better alternative than pepto bismol/immodium (also available) because it isn't absorbed into the blood stream and kills the bugs causing illness instead of just offering pain relief. You can bring your own tylenol if you like, but again, the local stuff is just as good. Definitely bring your own bug repellent (off!/ skin so soft),deodorant and sunscreen. Other toiletries... just wait until you get here. Don't bother lugging a bunch of stuff with you unless you're going to have zero time to go get them.

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    you could go to an international airport. they typically have money changers. but they'll take a percentage... and currently it's worth around $33 (1.65 per lb)

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