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How can i get in shape for tennis fast?

I have taken a few tennis lessons, but not very much...i am trying out for my highschool tennis team in a few weeks, so i really need to get in shape..i read that you need to run a lot..which im working on..but i def need to work on more..im 14 and im not too out of shape..but im not exactly in shape either..i go to the gym once or twice a week, is there any specific excercises i should do there?...or at home?? anything would help! thanks!!

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    Take it from a tennis player, don't do running for your main source of exercise. It is too damaging on your knees (just take a look at how beat up Nadal is). If you are going to run do it on a treadmill or on the beach where some of the shock will be absorbed.

    Endurance and durability are very important for tennis players. In matches where players have similar skill levels normally the player who is better conditioned and in better shape will win the match. Aerobic exercise is key to improving your endurance and conditioning. Try swimming, power-walking, jogging, cycling, or jump-rope. Those are all excellent ways to get in shape.

    Building lean muscle is also very important for a tennis player. You don't want to be bulky because that will hinder some of your mobility and flexibility, which will hurt your strokes and movement, but you definitely don't want to be weak either. You want to be strong with a lot of lean muscle. In the gym work mainly on your core muscles(abs) and your leg muscles. Do crunches or situps and variations of the two to work on your abs. Also use a medicine ball to work on your oblique muscles. Do squats and lunges to work on your leg muscles. Most gyms have machines that are good to work on your legs. Some include using your legs to lift weights and others are good too like the treadmill or the exercise bike.

    Also do some exercises for your arms. Do pushups and some weight lifting, but don't do too much weight lifting. Some bench pressing and curling with weights are good ways to build muscle in your arm muscles.

    Couple all of this exercise with a healthy diet and a positive outlook and you should be in excellent shape in no time! Good luck!

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    In tennis... age does not matter at all. What matters is the condition that you are in. It seems to me that you are in good shape and probably in better shape than any of those 20/30 guys :] So go out there and kick some 20/30 year old butt!

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    Oo running is a great start! Start out with trying to run a mile. Last year when I joined tennis, we would run for about a mile or two for a warm up and then we would come back to the courts to stretch for about 10 minutes. Then we would practice on serving and forehands and backhands. If your leaning more towards in shape then your good to go! Also make sure you practice controlling your breathing so you don't run out of breath so quickly. Try breathing in through your nose while closing your mouth and breathing out with your mouth. It helps a bunch! Make sure to drink a lot of water so you don't get dehydrated!

    Tip: when you play tennis don't plant your feet flat on the ground that slows you down. You should stand on the balls of your feet and hop around a little. Don't tippy toe or hop around like a bunny lol

    Good luck!

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    well you should definitely work on running as well as upper body muscles. for running, do long distance, which would help your endurance in a long match, and short sprints (on the court maybe?), which would help your speed. for your arms and core, i would suggest pushups, pull ups, crunches, leg lifts, etc. you can try lifting weights but it isnt something you absolutely have to do. also, try playing on court for several hours, or at least as long as you can. this way you build muscles that you need to build and you develop more skill also.

    hope this helps and good luck

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