can I trade bmw x5 for bmw 325?

I just bought a 2006 bmw x5 in january for 36900 with 0.9% financing and zero down. They still have the 0.9% financing until december,I wanted to know if i would be able to trade my car for a bmw 3 series 2006 which costs only 25000 also with the 0.9% financing. I am paying 620 a month and by december ill have 11 moths payed which will leave my balance i owe for my X5 30,080$ can i trade my car in for the 3 series and not have my payment go up? oh and i also have it financed for 60 months. I really do not like the X5 as much as I did in the beginning and its kind of bad on gas, i just really would prefer the 3 series. Thanks guys

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes you can.

    I would suggest however that you spend your money wisely and do not buy things out of your if you dont have the cash in hand dont buy (dont use just your credit). I buy all my cars cash or atleast have the cash sitting in the bank so i gain interest on a low APR.

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