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Are there any Horses up for adoption under $100?

I'm trying to save up for a Horse that my parents and I have talked over with FOREVER...My dad said I was responsible enough for one of my own. I need a Horse that is good with kids, because I have a little brother that just LOVES to ride them, but he isn't that good, LOL



I KNOW that they cost a lot over $100 dollars to take care of every month and I KNOW that they're not just a regular pet, but I've been trained well and my parents said that if I bought the Horse, they would pay for it until I get a job and pay for it myself...

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    check out craigslist, my area has ads on there daily for horses. Some for free. Call your local large animal vet and ask if they know of anyone looking for a home for their horse.

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    It costs more than that a month to take care of a horse. It's not a dog or a cat, you just can't bed them down in the living room!

    This is the kind of horse you can get for under $100 dollars!

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    Nothing rideable. The only horses under $100 will be those that are lame and suitable only for pets. Horses are EXTREMELY expensive to care for, even the routine expenses, and they will cost well over $100 every month just for feed and basic care. A well-broke kid-safe horse will run you well over $1000.

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