If I have 2 desk top computers can I make one wireless if so how?

I have one that is connected to the internet in one part of the house, how can I make the other wireless so I don't have to run wires to the second one?

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    Go to radioshack, walmart, target, etc in the electronics section. You can buy a wireless card to install in your computer. Or they have adapters now (which I use) It is a plug you put into your USB port and it has an adapter to it. It is easier to do this. Run the set up cd and find you network.

    I use a Linksys Dual band wireless usb network adapter.

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    There's a lot of missing info there.

    I'll assume you have Windows (XP maybe?)

    1) get a wireless network card for the computer WITH net connection

    2) get another wireless card for the second computer.

    3) install the cards.

    4) on the computer WITH net connection, enable network sharing and create a wireless network. When it asks you to name the network, use something other than the default - especially if you might mistake your neighbors' networks.

    5) try to 'see' then log on to the wireless network you created from the other computer.

    Optional stuff:

    If you have a high-speed net connection, you can use a combination wireless+wired router.

    Just buy one card, and one router. Connect the router to the network.

    The computer that was on the network should just connect through a network cable to the router. Then you can add all the other machines you want - just get a wireless card for each.

    You can use USB-wireless adapters on your machines, or cards, or network bridges. Use what you can afford, and are comfortable installing.

    If you care at all about security, then try using a router, and check the instructions about passwords, WPA / TKIP, and other lock down techniques.

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    Its easy, get a wireless router and if your second computer doesn't have built in wi-fi you'll also need a wireless network adapter. both of these can be picked up at your local electronic store or walmart. instruction on how to install and connecting them together will be in the box. Belkin is a good brand that won't break your wallet!

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    Yes you can have a wireless desktop. You would simply have to purchase a internal wireless network interface card (NIC) or an external USB wireless NIC.

    The internal wireless NIC would require you to open the computer case to install it. With the USB wireless NIC, you would just have to find an open USB slot on your computer to plug it in.

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    Get a wireless usb adapter. Plug it in to a USB port and your golden.

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    Wireless network card for your computer, and then a wireless router.

    Wireless card: something similar to this http://www.frontierpc.com/ProductImages/Large/1007...

    Wireless router: something like this http://www.computerrepairmaintenance.com/images/wi...

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