I'm really scared to start proactive!!?

I heard that you can break out really bad from it...and since school is starting in a month I don't know if I should try it...but I already bought it...I have mild acne...it's not really that bad....do you think I will get severe acne from it? Oh and Benzoyl Peroxide doesn't give me a rash or anything....And also how can I reduce the chances of breaking out from it?

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    Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients or you have overly sensitive skin, you're good. Try it. Its good. It works.

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    There's no real way you can 'reduce the chances' of breaking out from it. There's a pretty high chance that proactiv will make you break out unfortunately, it made me break out baaaaaaadly. However, you still have a month till school starts and if your skin does initially break out then it won't last a month. You most likely won't get severe acne but if your acne gets worse for a prolonged period of time you should definitely stop using Proactiv. It does generally work better for people with severe acne.

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    I have sensitive skin so it caused me to peel, have dry skin, and breakout more. It also gave me a rash around my cheek. I don't have severe acne, but I have mild. I wouldn't recommend this product to any of my friends. Although, my older sister liked it a lot, but she has really oily skin. If you see in there commercials all the people in it, had extremely BAD acne. You never know, try it and see. All skin types are different. I'd start out with a small amount at first. Your starting school so you don't want to risk anything! =)

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    I am 36 yrs old, and have had it real bad since I was 16. I have been on 4 rounds of Accutane and it still came back, (tried everything else before the Accutane). About 10 months ago, I came across an article in a magazine called New Beauty. (This magazine highlights all new products and procedures that people can use for wrinkles, acne plastic surgery cellulite. Anything that has to do with trying to improve ones appearance.) In this particular article it talked about cleansers, serums an moisturizers from a line called MD Skincare. A product out of this line was called MD Skincare Hydra Pure Mist, and how when you spray it on your face, it neutralizes minerals from tap water that actually is left behind, that clogs pores and contributes to acne. I had never heard of this causing acne, so I decided to give it a try. I bought it at Sephora for $32. Within 3 days, I no longer had new breakouts. Within 2 weeks, my skin had completely cleared up. I have not had any breakouts since using this spray. There were 2 days that I had gone out of town, and did not bring it with me, and pustules started to form on my cheeks. As soon as I got back I started using it, and they went away and never came to a full head. I cannot live without this stuff. They have moisturizers out of this line that are real expensive that I don't and can't afford to buy. This is like gold to me,. I tell people that I meet about it if I see they have acne pretty bad. I will say that I had it so bad before using this product, that my dermatologist ha begun to tell me, "We have tried everything there really isn't anything more I can do for you", and that was devastating. You can go online on Amazon to buy it, Ulta carries it. Sephora on their website, they no longer carry it in their store. If you do use it, see how it goes in 2 weeks and use it after you wash your face, or bathe. Nothing else out there works for me. I even spent money on laser and light therapy for it. If I had all the money that I spent on acne products, I would go on a long vacation.

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    Only if you are allergic from it! I used it and it worked great for me! I don't use it anymore because I don't have an acne problem (: Just give it a try you will probably like it (:

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    You will break outt he first 2 weeks of using it,it shgows it working,after the two weeks you should be acne free,may even take longer,i used pro active,and it worked greatt for me,i even don't use iot anymore adn i still ahve clear skin.

  • kinda rare for you to break out... I use it everyday it works good lol. If you do break out simply stop using it and buy some clean and clear.

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    its so bad for ur skin

    it made me look worse.

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