Complete Honesty - Would you read either of these books?

You are in a bookstore, you see a book; flipping it over to check out the back, you read this........would you want to read the whole book?

Besides the occasional bizarre dream and the moon’s monthly hold on her, Adrienne Fuller’s life was seemingly normal. Her world was good, average, but good. But when Gabriel Russell’s Lupine pack moves to Texas, that average world tilts on its axle. One look at her and all his expectations of boredom in a small town were proven very wrong. But this was all just the calm before the storm. Something evil has come to town and it wants Adrienne... for her dreams. Torn between her instinct to run and hide and her desire to understand the all too real dreams, she gets caught up in the fight for her life. And it’s the one life that Gabe would do anything for, even if it means breaking his loyalty to the pack.

Or this one??

Freelance photographer, witch and frequent party girl, Laura Carter lives life in the fast lane; only slowing down when it suits her. So imagine her reaction when one very sexy, very annoying Lupine pulls the emergency brake for her. Marc is head of security for his Alpha’s pack and doesn’t have time for this impulsive witch’s know-it-all attitude. But there’s no time for all that now, because evil is back and he’s got his eye on Laura. Being under the same roof with this sinfully gorgeous man is causing the tension to peak and with the rules of don’t touch, it’s unbearable. Now on a run for their lives, they are faced with the ultimate task- survive the fight between good and evil.



advice on the idea for book 3 would be great too

New to town, college student Felicity Russell always hated the lonely “new girl” feeling. One call from his aunt & Dillon Parker was headed to Texas. His family was in trouble & needed his assistance. Getting in with the enemy as Danger was fairly easy & his job was proving to be a breeze. But a job gone wrong leaves a witness; a witness who shouldn’t even still be alive. But all it had taken was one look & he was torn. What should have been an ordinary friendship takes a very complicated turn when the fight for her life & the lives of her friends puts her right in Danger’s very capable hands. But even knowing he’s with the enemy, she can’t seem to stop the desire she feels. It’s down to the end, & the final fight is within reach, should he risk breaking her heart to confess the lie in order to keep her safe, or does he let her get tangled up in this web of peril & risk her very ; when in the end, the truth will come to light anyways?

Update 2:

The first one is actually completed. It is in the middle of revisions and editing, adding to it here and there. Trying to get the length and the overall feel of it going nicely. I MIGHT try to get it published, not sure yet! Thank you for the advice!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yeah, i would read it.

    Sounds good.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think the first one sounds more interesting, but that's my opinion. I'm not into witches and party girl novels. Also, the first one gives a reason for the conflict--the evil wants her dreams, the second one doesn't state the conflict.

    However, there are some errors in both descriptions like grammar and what is and isn't given away in the story. Here's a short critic:

    First one. "Her world was good, average, but good." Sounds a little awkward, but I know generally what you're saying. I do like the explanation of why evil is there, or we start to assume that Gabriel is the evil one.

    Second, there are a few places where commas are needed. "But there’s no time for all that now, because evil is back and he’s got his eye on Laura." I wanted to know what the evil was and why it suddenly became present but instead of making me want to read to find out, it just made me slightly annoyed; and the transition into the next sentence is a bit too unrelated. And the rest of the sentences are also not as well connected.

    I think what stands out the most are the descriptions, like in the first one, her life was "average" and then "that average world tilts on its axle." There are much simpler, boring ways to state that, but that really caught my attention. Or, in the second one, relating to Laura living "life int he fast lane" and then Marc "pulls the emergency brake." Genius.

    And I only brought up the grammar because I believe a good story is composed of 50% storyline interesting and 50% writing ability and if either the storyline or writing is lacking in the description, then it can be assumed that the book will follow it as well.

    And now I want to read the first one haha. Going to post it online?

  • keva
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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    The first held notes of interest, yet was too vague on what 'lupine pack' meant... one envisioned a carnival, or something akin to circus freaks with a name like that. Be a little more specific and you will draw in a greater audience/interest.

    The second had far too much description in the first sentence and seems to thread together several cliche sentences from other romance novel backs. It lacks originality, while the first had more. They each need work

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ooooh personally i would totally go for the second one. It seems alot more interesting (no offense) than the first one.

    I love the way you summarize! Gosh i always have a problem with my summaries, feels like i can't sum up to it.

    They both sound really good! If they were in stores i might buy both :D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, the first one sounds better but thats just my opinion, I'd like to read either in the future!

  • 1 decade ago

    okay i read A LOT and ive never heard of those or anything like them(minus the Twilight series, they reminded me of them a little bit.) they both sound real good to me hard choice but i think i would go with the 1st one both sound good tho

    Source(s): my reading knowledge-you ever want a book sugesstion? ask me=)
  • Kay
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    1 decade ago

    The first - no :/

    The second - I would definitely consider it.

    (take into account that I am extremely picky on what I will read and what I won't.)

    Hope everything goes well for you!

  • 1 decade ago

    the first one is soo something I would buy at a bookstore =)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The first one sounds better (though they both sound like Twilight to me....)

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