Why are bottle jacks cheaper than floor jacks?

Hey guys, I've been looking at car jacks recently and I see these bottle jacks that lift maybe 12 tons and go for around 30-50 dollars. But then I see similar floor jacks that may only lift 4-6 tons that cost 130-200 dollars!

How does this make any sense? Am I missing something about bottle jacks that make them worse? Do I need some kind of extra fluid that costs more money to operate a bottle jack as opposed to a floor jack?

Thanks all =)


So for basic lifting capability and efficiency, the bottle jack is equivalent minus the wheels?

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    Floor jack will be much more stable as more area is in contact with the ground. Floor jacks got wheels and the are usually easier to maneuver so its a safety and convenience advantage which = price increase

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  • catman
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    A bottle jack is just a ram as is used in the floor jack. the floor jack has the added scissors jack mechanism built into it , and to lift any weight it has to be built sturdy to add reliability and stability. All of this added material and engineering add price.

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    1 decade ago

    A floor jack is just a bottle jack with wheels and a lever actuator. You are paying for the extra parts.

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    Before you run off and purchase a bottle jack, be sure you

    find out just how many pumps it takes to move it an inch....

    Unless you are using air hydraulics to lift them, the pumping

    is quite considerable...

    Do your homework on each before you make a mistake.

    Good Luck to you

  • Tanner
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    With a flat you will have virtually no clearance to get a jack under and stabilized so you can lift. Bottle jacks are unsturdy and usually to tall. Price of nail to puncture your tire---nothing, price of good jack to get you back on road -- pretty much priceless.

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    Bottle jack?

    One moving part.

    Floor jack?

    Lots of moving parts.

  • 1 decade ago

    they are simpler and have less lift range then a floor jack

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