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Compare and contrast the South and North?

(focus on years 1820-1860’s) slavery v anti slavery, Nullification

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    North----- Going through the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. More roads, canals, etc... were being built to connect the country closer, mainly to the inner states and the West. Factories/mills sprung up thanks to the inventions of the steam engines. The "market revolution" created class systems: (From top to bottom): Industrialists/Investors, Middle Class (white collar jobs), and at the bottom you have the laborers (blue collar jobs). Remember that one of the reason why the South lost the Civil War, was due to the assumption that the South could win support from the inner states like Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, etc...

    Remember that the South was producing cotton, but the North was the mediator that transported those goods and sold them to England.

    South----- Was more agricultural based and depended heavily on cotton. The milage of railroad tracks were much less in the South, compare to the North. With that being said, the industrial capacity of the South was stagnated.


    North----- Was going through the early stages of reformation (often refered to as the "Reforming Forties"). The early market revolution (not yet fully to be considered as the Industrialization) took away the natural human spirits and thrown into a mechanized world.

    Here, at this stage, the North witnessed social reforms through mean of Education, Religion, Human right issues (women rights and abolitionists), Transcendentalists ideas.. etc... During this era, the abolitionists suffaced with the likes such as Frederick Douglas and later, W.E.B Dubois.

    European immigrations occured heavily during this time period. Irish, Italian, and German immigrants poured into the North, which helped the North in terms of military men power and work forces.

    I know I did not focus too much on the South. It'd take too long to write out everything and I certainly have no intention of writing an essay on here lol.

    Source(s): History major.
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