My best friend and boyfriend dont like each other!!?

My best friend and my boyfriend hate each other. They have fights all the time. My best friend is a boy and so is my boyfriend (well duhh) LOL but anyway, they had a fight over msn and my boyfriend said "Go back too your own country you asian" My bestie said too him that we tell each other our feelings and stuff which we do but my boyfriend had no idea about that. Now i think my BF is mad at me :(

What do i do?

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    You're in a tough situation, I'm in the exact same one, only by BFF is a girl. My BF and I have been together for three years, and I am still friends with my BFF. In the beginning it was rough. There was a lot of fighting between them and I was put in the middle a lot. In fact, for other reasons besides my BF, my BFF and I didn't speak for over a year. We've gotten past that now, and even though they still aren't friends, and probably never will be, we can all be in the same room together and get along. She still slips up and says little things every now and then, and I know from another friend she says stuff about him behind my back, but that's the trade off. I hope things go better for you than they have me, but just thought it'd be helpful to know that if you love your BF and your BFF you don't have to choose. Tell them both that you love them both and don't want to have to choose between them. And that you don't want to hear anything bad come out his mouth about the other person. Hope this helps!

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    Yes, your best guy friend probably likes you. Just talk to both of them, try doing it when you guys are right next to each other. i don't know what they fight about but it can probably be solved.

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    Your best guy friend likes you.

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