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Can you give me some of your thoughts/opinions on my photography?

i know i am making myself subject to a lot of critique and negative comments but please try to be as nice as possible. I am going into my 2nd year in fine art photography and i aspire to be a fashion photography and portraiture. Please give me your honest is some of my work:

and here is some additional work here, haven't been updated lately:

please be polite because i do take pride in my work and i would respect your work, too.


thanks a lot nathan, but in that one photo of the girl in the field it isn't glare, it's something in front of the lens and it was purposeful. thanks a lot for your reply, i appreciate it!

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    I think that you should use light more creatively. I see in some pictures there are some shadows on faces, or some pictures that would be great with some lighting, like in this picture:

    People will say her face needs to be more lit. Use reflectors, or pieces of hard paper with foil on it. Some of your photographs had some exposure issues as well.

    I think that's glare.

    Use light to make sure her face is lit more.

    I'm telling you things that i've learned.

    I think reading a book about photography would be beneficial to your photographs.

    See? her left pupil is a lot less dialated than the right one, and it looks very scary almost.

    Source(s): humble fifteen year old learning
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    I think they're great! I can't really give you an advanced critique because they're better than mine lol

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    GREAT PICS!!!!!!!

    i just would say don't have mixed shadows on what you taking pictures of.

    overall great work!

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    OHHHH your portraits are beautiful (:

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