neighbor put up a 1 foot barbed wire fence?

neighbor put up a 1 foot barbwire fence.its dangerous to children and my pets no permit he just put it up as i said its 1 foot tall barbed wire now i have children and grand children if they were to accidently run into this with there go carts or even bicycle it would probally decapitate them. he had no permit he just put it up because my grandson walked on his 2 feet of property 2 feet is also mine.he also has built a fence no permit on the back yard,which after our land was surveyed its on my property he does not maintain it i do or it would be ungodly..where or who would i contact about this i feel the fence is very dangerous.thank you for any replys

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Contact your local building department or clerk's office. If the fences were put up without a permit, that is an ordinance violation. I don't know of any residential areas that allow barbed wire fences of any kind. Call them, and the inspector will come out and investigate. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Planning/Zoning commissioner in my village
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    Woodtick is right, again.

    I would not even approach the neighbor. Anyone ignorant enough to put barbwire on the ground is absolutely unreasonable and any hope of an intelligent conversation was lost a long time ago.

    Let your town's Building and Zoning department take care of this situation for you. Report the infraction and sit back and watch what happens.

    In our town, we can, for a fee, file a copy of our land survey with the town clerk. I suggest you do this as soon as possible.

    I am also dealing with neighbors who are unreasonable and I have resigned myself to the fact that sometimes you just cannot make sense out of nonsense. My dad taught me to either kill them with kindness or kill them with silence.

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    hmmm not sure about the land laws in your country for fences, i'll get back to if i can

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