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Amanda asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

What are your thoughts on the 2012 doomsday theories?

I'm scared, but I'm okay with dying if I'm meant to. Do you think it's all a big hoax or is it real?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think I will be stuck at work during doomsday. I am confident it will be a long shitty day and I will survive. Unfortunately

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    It's ridiculous. You shouldn't believe it. Doomsday claims have gone on for century, and since we are still all alive and fine, they're obviously equally as false as the Mayan 2012 claim.

    The story behind it is that scientists came across a Mayan calendar that predicted many astrological events over time, but the calender ended after december of the year 2012. So many people interpreted this in many different ways, one being that the world was going to end. However some people believed there was going to be a polar shift. Some also thought that the earth would face a time of terrible destruction, but would be followed by a new age of peace and enlightenment. All of which sounding like something you'd read in a fantasy book.

    If anyone truly believes this is true then they should give up their job, move back in with their parents, and make sure they are enjoying the last few years of their life. But of coarse, noone remotely sane is actually doing that, because it probably isnt going to happen.

    There have been claims for centuries that the world was going to end on different dates, yet nothing has ever happened. I have attached a website that lists all the doomsday failed predictions from the past, which might help convince you.

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    Well there has been so many (hundreds) of times when a person or persons have claimed to know when the end of the world is coming. The truth is that it's good to be prepared with acceptance but no one can tell you yes it's true or not it's not. I would be a fool to sit her and type there is no possible way that 2012 is the end but also I have no real proof (minus the Mayans's predictions and perfect calendar and the corrpredictiontiontheirhier own fall, and the Bible). untiltill the day (year) comes, no one now will know. If I were you, I would research Mayansan's and predictionsions in the Bible. There is also another famous man who made tons of predictions. There were tons that come true in his time and he still has some predictions for own future that could possible come true. On the other hand I can sit here and type a million predictions for tomorrow and at least a few are bound to come true, right. I mean if I say: Someone will get a ticket tomorrow. Someone will loser weight tomorrow. Someone will cry tomorrow. Someone will get married tomorrow. Someone will stub their toe tomorrow. I mean now I grantee you that ever single one of these will come true. I'm not guessing an exact date with and exact prediction of who or what will happen, but it's still the same concept.

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    Well it is a huge theory that sounds very accurate or at least plausible, but then again Y2K was also very plausible. But really who cares, just live life and have fun, I have found through experience that it is better to cherish the present instead of fearing the future or regretting the past. Although I can assure you something phenomenal is going to happen in 2012.

    In actual terms of the theory though, I don't put all belief in it, but I lean more to the side that it could happen. I mean sure the Mayan Calendar syncs up, but they had to stop with the calender some time, right? But Albert Einstein did predict that bees would die off 4 years before humans did and the bees started dyeing off in 2008. I do respect Albert Einstein a lot and found most of his theories very interesting a accurate, so I think there is a good chance that 2012 will be the end of the world, but as I said, just have fun with your life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What do the 2012 theories say? I mean I know they say that the world will end, but it's not very clear on HOW it will end. So I think it is all a hoax. Personally I'm more scared for 2036 when the asteroid Apophis is supposed to hit Earth.

    Possible ways humanity could be wiped out:

    Black Hole

    Gamma Ray Burst

    the asteroid Apophis

    Nuclear war

    Global Pandemic

    so 2012 is not my concern.

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    It's all religious hoohaw. For thousands of years, religions have based their myths (even the Yahweh and Jesus myths) secretly on the natural motions of the celestial sun, moon, and stars. First there was the age of the bull when cultures worshiped the golden calf of the son. Then there was the age of the ram, when people began to sacrifice the lamb as a scapegoat offering to wash sins away allegorically with it's blood. Then the age of the fish was worshiped is honored by offering the "fisher of men" as the greatest sacrifice of all time. All of these ages represent the zodiac movements as recorded and predicted long ago by the ancients. The stories, narratives, and apocalyptic predictions in scriptures are not literal, they are the allegorical descriptions of what people observed in the sky.

    So what happens in 2012? The Mayans knew all along, that it would be the end of this age. Pieces will become the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is represented by John the Baptist who blesses his people by washing their sins away with spirit water. The only thing fancy that will happen is the changing of the constellations into a new age. The reason it's a BIG DEAL in terms of religion and apocalyptic predictions is because this change only happens every 2000 years.

    If you are religious and believe in myths and superstitious ideas, then you have every right to be scared. When the world turns into a fiery inferno of war, slavery, desolation, and pestilence it will be a terrible thing indeed. Try not to look at the allegorical descriptions as being literal interpretation and you will not be fooled by the churches into wasting your time "preparing for the tribulation". Jesus himself said that the kingdom of god was at hand, and the second coming was coming soon.... well it's been 2000 years and we're still waiting for this thing he claimed was coming soon when he was still supposedly alive.

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    Alright 2012 doomsday theories are a hoax mark my words on it. 12-21-12 is the end of the Mayan calendar. They believe something significant will happen on that day but it won't be the end of the world.

    Source(s): People from the Mayan culture told us all about it on a Cancun vacation
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    There are so many views on this topic. Some may argue that the whole idea of the world ending on december 23, 2012 is a myth that people are using to make money (ie: the movie they are making on it). Personally, I am hoping that whatever happens that day is not too tragic.

    I mean nobody can really say what will happen for sure. Apparently the planets will be linear for the first time recorded, so we cannot predict what will happen. It could be something as little as a meteor shower or something as large as the end of the world.

    Source(s): life
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't really care one way or the other. I'm 99.9% sure that it the world won't end. It isn't a hoax, it is a misinterpretation of a prophecy. What the prophecy really says is the world will change as we know it. That is already happening, the world is always changing, so in that sense how is it possible for the prediction to be wrong. The end of the world would just be to easy for everyone in my opinion. Nothing ever comes easy, not even death. ;-)

  • 1 decade ago

    There are so many views on this topic.

    If you look around the world today, there are alot of things going on that match up pretty well to what Jesus had predicted would happen before His return.

    Earthquakes, pestilence, wars and rumors of wars, vast increase in knowledge and technology, the Gospel being spread throughout the whole world, increases in violence and evil.

    I think we just have to wait and see what actually on that day, just like we did on Y2K although the 2 dates are considerably different.

    We have to ask God to guide us and show us the way and pray that nothing too terrible happens and then again nothing could happen at all.

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    Don't be scared, people have been conjuring up doomsday theories since the beginning of man. Look up the chaos that happened when the calendar hit year 1000. I'm 35 y/o and I've been through many many many "predicted" end of days dates... still alive and kicking!

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