How do i switch my account to administrator?

On my user for my Dell computer im not set to administrators account so i cant download things such as icy tower and lime wire. Is there anyway i can? thanks for your help : )


My moms account is administrator so i can download everything on her side but im not allowed to mess with her account. i need to know how to switch my account to administrator.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago
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    By default, new user accounts are administrators. Obviously, your mom didn't want you to have that kind of power because she had to manually switch your account to limited. Only she will have the authority do that.

    And don't put limewire on computers. It's a cesspool of viruses, and causes nothing but trouble.

    I've worked on many virus infected computers, and just about every single one of them that was irreversible damaged by viruses had limewire installed.

  • Ben
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    1 decade ago

    that would defeat the whole purpose of those permissions. The only way to become an administrator is to have another administrator come in and modify the user settings to make you one.

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