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please help me????? i dont know wat else to do?

sorry its so long:

i am in love with my ex. we have gone out twice and now were just kind of friends. i never stopped liking him after we broke up but i got another bf right away. while me and my bf were going out my ex kept texting me saying he made a mistake breaking up with me. well i never told him that i liked him bak but i did ask him if we could just stay friends at the time and he told me he couldnt be my friend cause he would always want more, and that for me to text him when i felt the same way about him. well i finally told him that i liked him after me and my bf broke up. and he was like ok. well he went down to flordia and is hanging with his cousin and they started txting me. and he was like i want to see yur picture and i said why should i and he keeps using the excuse that i like him. then i said so and he told me well maybe i lik u to. i wasnt sure if he was lying or telling the truth. Yesterday he did the same thing. i said why should i and he said causse u lik me and then i was like well why do u always use that as your excuse cause it makes me feel like yur using me. then he just snapped on me. i told him and his cuz last night i wasnt able to talk to them cause i lik him way to much and i need to get over him and i just dont know wat to do cause i cant get over him

thank u for the help and sorry its sooo long

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    he keeps messing around with you. He just keeps you hanging on, just to see if he can. I would let it go once and for all and start your healing process. Find a guy that will treat you right, and stop texting and talking to this guy. You keep setting yourself to get hurt over and over again. Forget him!!

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    I know its hard to get over guys you really liked or loved, but its possible. Time will help you. He seems kind of like a jerk,,,i would completly forget about him and cut off all contact with him. If you keep talking to him then your never going to get over him!

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    Number One: He is completely immature.

    Number Two: He doesn't deserve a picture. He experienced you, and that should be good enough for him until he is ready to be an attribute to the relationship.

    Number Three: Don't respond to him when he sends you crap like that, it makes it look like he has you on a string, and trust me, you don't want that. He will walk all over you.

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    at the beginning, you're a alluring individual (i comprehend that sounds strange, regardless of the undeniable fact that that is authentic.) and you do no longer deserve demise. even although you have moved from family individuals to family individuals and homestead to homestead, i think of you are able to attempt to maintain an excellent suggestions-set in the direction of the whole difficulty. in case you supply up now then you definately won't get to verify how dazzling it would be to get married, have young ones, then grand young ones. that is not your fault which you're shifting family individuals to family individuals. that is only the way the business enterprise is. So please do no longer enable your self pass. refer to an person, like your Foster mothers and dads. and that they possibly will carry you to a physician. yet do exactly no longer supply up like that. no person merits demise no count what they have accomplished.

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    I agree with Luke you need to talk face to face. And be alone that's when he'll show his true feelings and not be pressured by his guy friends on what to say and do. And if he really truly likes you and wants to be with you tell him he needs to show it and not be a jerk:)

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    Sounds like you are in love with a kid that needs to grow up

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    Stay away from him and try to forget him and move on..

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