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15 Year old need help losing weight?

I'm 5'8 195 pounds yes I know im overweight i have low self esteem and im really ugly, what is the fastest way to lose weight and gain confidence

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    beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and from what I've seen, there are almost no ugly (by appearance) people, mostly ugly by actions and deeds.

    One thing that works for me is: before I eat, I drink a large glass of water, then if I'm still hungry, I won't eat as much as I would have.

    also, fyi:

    1 pound = 3500 calories.

    If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight.

    ie, if you eat 2000 calories per day and burn 2500, you will lose 1 pound every week.

    the average person burns 1500-2000 calories per day, just being alive.

    powerwalking can burn 200-500 calories per hour.

    exercise bike can burn 200-600 calories per hour.

    swimming can burn 100-800 calories per hour.

    jogging/running can burn 300-1200 calories per hour.

    *********VERY IMPORTANT************

    when trying to lose weight, very important to drink lots and lots of water ! ! !

    You should drink at least 10 glasses per day, like 1 glass every hour !

    This helps your body get rid of the fat when you are burning calories.

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    Hey, I have eating disorders, I'm not gonna lie, but I can help you get on track. Send me a message.

    I've been to a nutritionist like 6 times. Really.

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    if you re having trouble getting started make a small move such as starting an eating log or buying walking shoes you re three times more likely to follow through if you start with small gestures such as these

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    fast food is salty food if you cut back on the salt in a few weeks youll be able to better taste the natural salts in food and may not crave the junk as much as you used to

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    Keep proper distance between meals

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    enjoy sweet ice cream but go for ones made out of goat s milk or almond milk for half the calories

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    dont confuse thirst with hunger drink a glass of water when you feel hungry to see if thats what you re really craving

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    foods with healthy fats such as olives salmon and walnuts help you feel satisfied

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    preset the timer on your tv to turn off after an hour to remind you to do something more active

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    better to avoid diet when you re under a lot of stress

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