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isint it very easy to raise girls?

I see how boys can be now a days. I think it is a lot easier to raise girls because they get good grades in school they are a lot smarter, and they are always good :) dont the parents agree?

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    Girls are easier when they are younger - playing by themselves, schoolwise, and are much tamer. Little boys love getting into things, need organized activities, and are extremely wild. Girls however go through a lovely time in their teens called puberty which can be terrifying and trying times for parents. Boys are a lot more easy-going during their teens, it makes up for them being so out of control as youngsters.

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    Ha, girls are a lot smarter, where's your proof? The only reason girls get good grades is because the teachers are more lenient on girls instead of boys. That's a proven fact, because I've seen it happen at my school. They aren't always good, they want EVERYTHING from the new coach purse to a new set of shoes, and they aren't very good. They get into trouble a lot.

    They don't work for anything, some girls just live off their parents. I know a girl who doesn't even know how to put gas in a car. Men are better drivers than women. Period. Guys will help you with your outside work, such as moving 20 tons of rock with nothing but shovels and wheel barrels. The girls will just sit there and watch, and complain and ask why they have to help. (been there, done that.)

    When girls are in relationships, they don't pay for anything, and when you get them something they don't want they get mad or start crying, they always think it's the boys fault.

    Man, it must be rough being a girl. Getting everything you want and not having to work for it, that's rough right there.

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    I have two daughters. One was very easy - never rebelled against us, got straight A's, picked wonderful friends, went to a top notch college, and is happy to come home for visits. The other was very hard - rebelled from about age 12 on, hated school, picked the wrong kind of friends, got into some very difficult situations, and still says she cannot wait to leave home. Whether the second one was just trying to be the opposite of her sister, I will never know. But I can tell you that some girls are easy, some aren't - even with the same set of parents and the same household. And by the way, you can say the same thing about boys.

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    Have you ever dealt with a teenage girl? Imagine being her father, worrying if she'll have enough self esteem to not have sex too young, not be manipulated by boys, not to get pregnant, not to be pressured by friends or boyfriends, etc.

    Parents who put an emphasis on school, intelligence and being a good person will have a good and smart child, regardless of gender. Boys may be more rambunctious and physically tiring as children, but girls are more emotionally tiring.

    EDIT: I agree with Violet completely...she described my family's situation to a T. My sister was the "perfect child" (didn't cause problems, did well in school, went to an Ivy league college, no kids, etc.) whereas I rebelled and went in the completely opposite direction (I hated school, hung out with the wrong people, did bad in school, got pregnant young etc.). I didn't do it purposely, but my sister and I are completely different people.

    Not all girls are hard but they can still be a handful emotionally, especially as teens.

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    My daughter is only 4 and is more of a handful than our 6 year old boy. She's not bad or nothing but she's already a handful. Haven't you ever heard the saying that boys are easier anyways.

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    That's an overstatement!!! It depends on how you look at things...and I don't think girls are the only ones making good grades....that is a strange statement!

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    both are equal

    sex doesnt matter

    the kids personality does

    ive met crazy boys and girls

    and angelic boys and girls

    either way

    its not easy

  • No, some girls grow up to be skeezers...depends on the parents

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    well they pick up on stuff faster like potty training. The parents make them that way. They aren't born that way you know.. [[ I'M NOT A PARENT BTW...]]

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    yes, as a parent of a 9yr old girl. boys are much more rambunctious.

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