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Laura Mercier or Makeup Forever? (Oil-free liquid foundation)?

I'm Asian, 18, I have combination, acne-prone skin... medium light skin with yellow undertones/sunny beige...

currently use MUFE oil-free... it's alright. I'm running out, and I'm wondering if I should switch to Laura mercier or just get MUFE again?

Also... what's your view on primers? necessary..crucial? perhaps..?

thanks in advance !


I want a more natural look. cover up some of my acne scars...

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    I have oily skin too, I haven't used the Laura Mercier foundation, but I've used the MUFE and Laura Mercier tinted oil free moisturizer.

    I prefer the tinted moisturizer, because, it has build-able coverage, and because its a moisturizer, it will help hydrate your skin, which is why you get oily (your skin needs hydration).

    As far as primers. I've used the MAC primer and the Smashbox Primers. I'm sure they work great, but not for oily skin, Smashbox has a primer for oily skin (tried a sample, didn't like it either). I think its best not to use it for our skin type.

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    I suggest getting a sample of Laura Mercier, since you do not know how it will act with your skin yet.

    Try that out for a week or so, and see how it works on your skin during that time.

    And my view on primers is... A good item to use but is completely optional. If you have oilier skin, it's good to invest in one that helps to prevent oils from seeping through the makeup as fast. For dry skin, it's good to use to help make the skin smoother. But if you find that makeup works great without one, why bother buying one?

    Oh and for natural look, I suggest not trying to cover EVERYTHING perfectly. It's not a big deal if you see a few scars slightly. But if you really want, try out a higher coverage concealer, with a sheer layer of foundation. Blend it out like crazy too!

    Good luck :)

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    in case you desire the fullest coverage, get the Laura Mercier commencing place. in case you desire medium coverage that looks such as you haven't any makeup on, get the MUFE hd commencing place. for my section, i hate nars foundations.. they make me look somewhat greasy.

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