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Are white people the only ones who are racist?

I am a young black woman, and I am tired of people of my race saying that all white people are racist. It is my experience that there is just as many black people who are racist against whites are there are white against black and so on. I guess what I am asking is that If you are a racist then you will see racism in everyone but yourself? In the bible it says to pull the plank out of your own eye before you can take the splinter out of your neighbors eye. I believe that Prof. Gates is a racist and therefore he sees it where it is not. Please Prof. Gates take the blinders off, and inspect your behavior and then do the Honorable thing and apologize to that Officer, after all he was just trying to do his job and to protect your property.

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    I have friends of all colors and sexual orientation. I don't look at people and judge them because of the color of their skin. I get to know the person, if I can, but if not their behavior and the words that they use can show what type of person they are. I agree with you about Mr. Gates, he is racist and needs to apologize to that police officer. And the same goes to President Obama. I have personally been on the receiving end of reverse racism( I have been told by a black young person that all white people should be burned to death). I work in customer service and have had a black person turn me in for being racist, but had a witness from another customer tell me what she said, and even wrote a letter stating that she was going to do it because I was white, because I was taking a black persons job away. The thing is if a black person descrimates it never makes the news, or it is brushed aside because that really doesn't happen, The media reports stuff like this Gates thing, which was racist but only on Mr. Gates part, but alludes to the racism being on the "White " cops part. If the other cops that where there, felt like he shouldn't have been arrested then why haven't they spoken up, I do believe that one was a Black man and the other a Hispanic. Racisim exist yes, but every race has some people who are racist against other races, and some are against their own races. We have all been created equally in Gods eyes, no matter the color of your skin.

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    A lot of people are are oblivious to their personalities and of course their habits- good or bad. I think it's a bit rude to assume that an entire race is categorized to one thing like being racist. There will always be the exceptions to every race, but people have to try too look at the good in people too. Basicly, there are racists everywhere, whether we want to admit it or not. And there are also beautiful people everywhere too. Never narrow a race down to 1 or 2 things. Everyone is themself. So ultimatly: No, white people are not the only racist people.

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    I think you hit the nail right on the head.

    Our new both white and black,(tho you don't hear much about the white half), I think he has racist issues.

    Obama spoke as he did because he is more loyal to his raciest agenda and his "friend" then he is to America.

    People should know sgt Crowley better , ie :

    Crowley grew up in Cambridge's Fresh Pond neighborhood and attended the city's racially diverse public schools. Two of his brothers also work for the police department and a third is a Middlesex County deputy sheriff.

    For five of the past six years, Crowley has volunteered alongside a black colleague in teaching 60 cadets per year about how to avoid targeting suspects merely because of their race, and how to respond to an array of scenarios they might encounter on the beat. Thomas Fleming, director of the Lowell Police Academy, said Crowley was asked by former Cambridge police Commissioner Ronnie Watson, who is black, to be an instructor.

    "I have nothing but the highest respect for him as a police officer. He is very professional and he is a good role model for the young recruits in the police academy," Fleming said.

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    I believe everyone is racist in someway or another. Whether it be gender, race, sexual preference, money, etc. I think the people who stress and pull the race card are more racist than ever. There are different classes of people in each nationality. I don't think the color of the skin defines the person. It's how they choose to live their lives. There is trash in every nationality. AND their are good, decent people in every nationality. Our country chose to end segregation and now the people of our country need to catch up with that concept.

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    All of these people screaming racism have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER as to what real racism is. They have never experienced it and they need to shut up. They are only hurting their own cause and belittling a serious issue.

    The next time a black person is really discriminated against nobody is going to believe it simply because of all the fakes who have screamed racism lately over nothing.

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    blacks are prob calling whites racists as there not where they wanna be in life its the easiest thing to do.. blame everyone else ,except ya self! u have same optitunitys as Everyone else .. change ya attitude learn pro social behavior an stop bein lazy..

    the evening standed wrote how rare white one black racism is now days yet black on white rascism is at an all time high

    i think all whites (in the Usa an Uk) should be a bit racist towards blacks, due to the High amount of Crime they cause

    an how many white people they rob/mug.. not being racist its a Fact!

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    I hate it when people say that! Black people are racist too!

    I also hate it when black people say "What do you think all black people look alike?" if you say someone looks like someone.

    As for the Gates issue. It the cops weren't being racist they lost their temper and acted stupidly. And just because he happened to be black they've pulled the race card. There was even a black cop on the scene so why wouldn't he help?

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    I don't think whites are the only ones that are racist either. I've seen Hispanics be racist, Blacks, Asians, and Whites too. That's what's kind of ironic about is not limited to one single race (because literally anyone can be racist) yet it's still racism. My niece is of mixed race and I envy her because you can't tell if she's Black, Asian, or White one day everyone will be mixed and all of this nonsense will cease.

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    Kudos to you sweetheart.

    I'm in my mid fifties now and I never knew what racism was until I was twelve years old. I picked up a paperback and read it because it was a true story.


    Stephen King ain't got nuttin on John Howard Griffin. The book was "Black Like Me". I was just a white boy in the country living in Meaford Canada and I could not believe that people actually treated people like that. I could not believe what I was reading and yet it was a true story and I was simply horrified.

    About ten months after I read the book I was on Sykes street with the boys and our "homemade" skateboards and some Africans came down the street. They were not Americans but came from Africa; I know this because they saw us on our skateboards and came over to play for a bit; their accents did not come from the states.

    I was real happy because they did not look like photographs but real people with a deep rich brown that was silky smooth and it was a treat for me. When they left I wondered "what the hell is so scary about them; and how the hell could anyone hate someone who could laugh like that?"

    Twenty years later while living in Toronto I was at the butt end of racism more than once or twice and it was at the hands of blacks, indians, and chinese people.

    Racism knows no colour, it just colours it's fears in hatred.

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    ALL races have a problem with racism

    Let me tel you a story. I was at a grocery store and needed something off the top shelf. i am quite short so I asked this tall lady that was standing near me, She happened to be black, If she could hand me the item I needed. (I am white). She glared at me and said" what the hell you think I am ?< just because I am black I am not your maid" I was shocked. After I composed my self I respond id with "no, not at all, I did not even notice you were black till you brought it up!" many blacks fell that we still "owe" them for the sins of our ancestors. All I have to say is get over it. I have friends of all races. But I only respect those that respect themselves

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