Can you easily change a BJD's gender?

I'm thinking of buying my first BJD, and after lots of reseach I've concluded that my favorite female doll would have the head of one of Souldoll's males. Would there be any real obstacles to changing him into a girl? Might I receive this doll and change my mind about just how feminine he looks in the pictures? I don't know if they are individually branded with boy/girl symbols or something other than the body they come with. But some of them you seriously would not think are boys!


Very informative! thanks =)

i mean to put the head on a female body, and I'm guessing it would fit. I'll check out forums to see if someone's tried this or ask Souldoll.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you mean put the head on a female body, ask Souldoll if the male head will fit on the female body and can you buy that combination.

    If you mean buy the male doll then just cross-dress it, you can do that. For some reason a lot of people do that.

    If you mean mod a male body to female, that harder. It's not too hard to sand off the male parts (though the dust is toxic - do not breath it, be sure to catch it all and wrap it in foil or something. But you woul dneed to add breasts with epoxy (not easy if you are not artistic) and even then the measurements and shape of a male body may look odd as a female (some males have lower waist, thicker legs, wider shoulders, etc).

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