how big will a hibiscus plant grow?

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    If left alone, in the correct environment, it never stops growing. The hibiscus next door to my home is about 15' high. It's over the roof high.

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    Depends on the species and variety as to how big a hibiscus plant will grow. Your local soil and climate will also be a determining factor in this as well. Most tropical (woody) types average 6-15 feet tall and the "hardy" or perennial species range from 3-12 feet in my experience. I have seen a few of the annual types reach 25 feet in height but only in the right locations.

    Source(s): 60 years combined experience in the nursery industry between my partner and myself.
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    It depends on the species...I have had periannual hibiscus that was a mound about 1 foot high in IL, in FL I have bushes that grow VERY fast, I trim them every few months when they get about 4 1/2-5 feet tall. Now in IL I have dinner plate hibiscus that will open up soon. It is about 4 1/2 feet high, but the flowers will be about 10-12 inches in diameter. The blooms will die within a day or two, but it will keep on flowering.

    Source(s): Personal experience with hibiscus.
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    In Florida or tropical climate, it will grow constantly to about 18-20 feet tall. Fertilize it monthly for best blooming and prune it to shape.

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    Ask Old McDonald. He is an expert in gardening and farming.

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    Smoke weed.

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