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Is there a way to get Jewish people to believe in Jesus?

I feel bad for Jewish people because I know they have been through alot with the holocaust in things, is there a way to get them to believe in Jesus, I know the Jews killed Jesus and I know you cant go to heaven without him

Is there anyway to convert the jewish people?

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    answer: don't bother. Jews have their ETERNAL covenant with G-d.

    Jews didn't kill Jesus - Romans did.

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    For starters if you feel bad about the Holocaust, stop repeating one of the lies that led to the animosity that fueled it. Jews did not kill Jesus. Romans did. As far as Judaism is concerned, when reading the story -- it makes not Jewish sense to say Jews were even involved (that's a whole other topic.)

    However, the charge of deicide & collective jewish guilt has been preyed upon the Jewish people since the very beginnings of the Christianity. It is a hateful sick concept that needs to die. I as a Jew have no more involvement in Jesus's death, than you do in Emperor Nero's.

    As for getting to heaven & needing Jesus.... those are Christian concepts. The majority of the WORLD doesn't agree. So, don't focus on Jews. We have our own reliigon -- it's very cool -- works well & doesn't have concepts that make sense with the Jesus saving concepts.

    The idea that Jews need to convert comes out of a Christian idea that the Christian messiah can't come until Jews convert. The problem? No religion should need to push itself on other people in order for it's religion to work. That's not spirituality.

    Here's a good entry site on Judaism. Check it out, I bet you'll be surprised.

    I've found people who say things like you are saying often simply don't know the background of where in Christianity these ideas are coming from. So check it out. Read a little on deicide & antisemitism -- it'd shock the pejjepers out of you. And then we'll be better friends, when we understand each other better. :)

    (A lot is from early church fathers. I'm currently reading "the pope's against the jews" - quite good so far. "The angush of the jews" is supposed to be quite good too - though the early history section is inaccurate.)


    JewsforJesus is an Evangelical Christian group who's religion & goals are the same as this asker. Check out: (not very PC written but lots of scripture.)

    Messanics also were Hebrew Christians until '70s when they decided they'd have better success tricking Jews into converting if they called themselves "Jews".

    Their memberships are less than 2% previously Jewish in any way.

    They have been decried by many Churches & are not the best of spirituality that Chrisitanity has to offer.

  • Why do you want the Jewish people to believe in Jesus before you have even studied the foundation of Jesus, before you have studied the torah? Before you have straightened out those who say they believe in Jesus? You can get anyone to believe, if they are willing to close their minds, and reject reason and logic. But then you do not operate in the real world created by God for you.

    In the early church, one bishop asked if they should allow Jews to join the church. They rejected that idea saying, that if Jews joined, because they knew the bible so well, they would teach and lead all the congregation to become Jews, before a single Jew would be truly converted.

    When did the Jews kill Jesus? I know of many times when Jesus people killed Jews. But they would have got to "heaven" some day anyhow without "Jesus's help".

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    there is no need to "feel bad" for the Jewish. They can take care of themselves. No there is not a way to get them to believe in Jesus. Unless somehow the laws and their holy books were somehow changed. Which would never happen. The jews Did not kill jesus. Jews don't reallt believe in "heaven" and "hell" like christians do. And if you are totally convinced that the jews killed Jesus (which isn't true) why in the world would they want to believe and follow someone that they supposedly killed? No there is no way to convert the jewish people. Just keep your religion to yourself. The jews don't try and convert you. I am sure they would appreciate it if you did the same.

    Source(s): Future Jewish Convert
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    In my opinion, I think it is more important for christians to believe in and worship the creator of their world than the supposed son of his. I don't understand why it is important to you to so strongly believe in Jesus that for you not to would mean no entrance into heaven, even though you worship God, the almighty.

    I can't speak for the jewish community, but I know it is hard for me to believe that a woman bore the child of Christ, the same woman who just happened to also be unmarried at the time. I have heard that the jews believe in the Old testament, but don't read or believe in the New testament since it was written by christians. So, naturally why would they want to believe that Jesus was a savior when they don't believe in the testament, amongst other reasons I am sure they have that I have no knowledge of ?

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    Hah... I can not believe that this is serious.

    First - If your God can be killed by human, what does it say about him. So do not even say it! If he is God, as you imply, and he is all mighty, than he chose to die the way he did and humans where only his tool.

    Second - you can get Jews believe in Jesus... look up history - The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition - they forced Jews to convert. A lot did, and maybe and most likely did not believe in Jesus, but their grandchildren already did.

    Third - you can make Jews believe in Jesus, but the minute they do - they are no longer Jews - they are Christians.

    Forth - you maybe kind, but do not sweat about my afterlife - it is secure in my faith and believe me - it wont be in hell.

    Grow up and understand that I respect you for being Christian, you should respect others for their choice even if it differs from yours.

    Love always :-)

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    They have a right not to believe in Jesus,The Roman high officials killed Jesus not the Jews. Who says you cannot go to heaven without Belling in Jesus ?None truly knnows what religion is most true

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    For Jews, the belief that God would become human is the ultimate heresy.

    Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible does it indicate that the messiah will be divine or perform magic. The messiah will be a great righteous leader who will usher in universal peace and brotherhood on EARTH. The world will return to the perfection of the Garden of Eden.

    Is there peace anywhere on earth????

    No peace. No messiah!


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    the jews killed jesus? wow racist, it was the romans that killed jesus.

    Learn history, and leave the jews alone. The last thing anyone wants is a christian trying to convert someone

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    Through his teachings you can convert all the Jews to Christianity, but boy will you be embarrassed if the pearly gates have the Star of David on them.

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    No way. Jews are intelligent, rational people (like Muslims) Go preach to your ex-christian friends...there are literally millions of them - much greater than the world population of Jews.

    And by the way - you are misinformed and probably do not even know your own Bible - the Jews did NOT kill Jesus!! From where in the Bible did you get that?

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