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What would you recommend (makeup)?

Ok so my brithday is coming up and I want some nice makeup. Now my skin is a little oily, and I have acne. I tend to break out sometimes and I have a habit of picking at zits :(. Anywhooo, I want makeup that offers heavy coverage but still looks natural and not caked on. Any reccomendations? I want to buy a concealer, foundation, powder, and bronzer. I dont want bare minerals btw.

Thanks :D

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    Make up forever! Their HD foundations are amazing.

    MAC foundations always break me out :( But I do recommend their powders and concealer...

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    Okay, so I know a ton of people who have this problem. For foundation or powder I would try Clinique or Estee Lauder, Clinique is famous for their skin creams and such so using their products will be better for you, Mac and Makeup forever, are wayyyy too cakey for your skin. And will make you break out. Estee Lauder has a good foundation, its light and not heavy. I have oily skin as well. I also use a Lancome day cream, its expensive so just buy the smallest jar, a little goes a long way, because it controls my oil, its called High Resolution and is in a clear jar and silver lid.

    If you want a great bronzer then I would go with MAC, try the mineralized skin finishes because they are less cakey and feel lighter. They also have a product called Charged Water that you spray on your face after you apply all of your makeup, it takes away cakiness and thickness and leaves it natural and helps it last. hope this helps!

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    Haha awww why not the bare minerals? It works great! But um I recommend you use the physicians formula usually found in cosmetics section of walgreens, cvs, or walmart. It's a little pricey but not too expensive. They have minerals so it won't clog pores and also ha e

    Liquid or pressed powder if you don't like the mineral look. They have everything you need; eyeliner, bronzed, concealer, foundation, lip gloss.

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    I say MAC, Make Up Forever, and Bobbi Brown are good investments. Bobbi Brown is pretty expensive though. If I were you, my pick would be Make Up Forever, its great. Their products are at Sephora.

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    i would go to a department store, because they have good makeup lines there like MAC and Clinique.

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