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Is this an automatic DQ or waiverable?? Navy?

I am 24 years old and want to join (enlist) in the navy for business management. I have a B.S. in psychology with a business emphasis from a decent private university and recently took an IQ test resulting in a score of 133. I feel I have much to offer the navy and to the service of my country, I don't want to be one of those people who goes to his day job day in and day out, living a naive life without truly appreciating the work it takes, military, to allow such things I take advantage of daily as an American citizen. I also feel I could gain valuable life lessons, discipline, and unmeasurable value from joining.

However, this is a bit embarrassing for me to say to a bunch of people I don't really know, but here goes. 10 years ago when I was 14 I had gone through what was diagnosed as depression for a matter of a few short months. During this time I had threatened suicide and one day told my mother that I had downed a bottle of Tylenol to get the job done. She admitted me to a hospital for a little less than a week. I also saw a child psychologist and a psychiatrist in an attempt to combine meds with counseling for the best results. After the hospital I went on meds for a bit and kept seeing the psychologist, this lasted for only a few months.

There were a number of things prior to the episode that I believe piled up and got to me as I was immature in a mental aspect. My father was an abusive alcoholic, my parents were recently divorced, my siblings and I were forced to go live with relatives who didn't like us being there, my mother was never around (she had to work to support my sister, brother, and I, on her own, kudos mom), just 5 months before I had my episode my best friend shot and killed himself.

I understand that the military frowns upon mental health issues and I understand why, the military is not easy to adjust to and people with a mental health history may re-exhibit this during the transformation. However since that time I believe I have proven that it was a one time thing and not a reoccurring issue. I have gone to college and paid for my own education, which is stressful in its own. I was also in a fraternity, which I ended up quitting after a year due to the fakeness of my "brothers", but whet through their pledge ship which was very stressful, I assume not as much as the military, but it was a military based frat. I was also a varsity wrestler in high school for 3 years after the incident and a varsity football player for 2.

Am I falsely entertaining the idea of joining the worlds best military force or is there a possibility for me to join. Also before I decided to go to college I was wanting to join and was going to a marine recruiter for marching and what not with 2 friends of mine. I informed the recruiter that I had done these things and he pulled my 2 buddies into his office and had them speak for my stability. He then brought me into the office with all four of us present and told me to lie about it but if I couldn't handle it and had an episode while in service then I would be discharged as well as my buddies since they knew to. I don't want to lie about it but I do want to join, gut instincts I suppose. Does anyone have any advice, I plan to talk to a navy recruiter next monday but want to be prepared if he says the same as the marine recruiter. I am willing to fight to get in and am not afraid to work my a** off to get there, nothing comes easy. Is there a process, application, interview, anything that will help??

Thanks for any help

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    you will never be allowed to serve in any branch. Attempted suicide is a PDQ with no waivers authorized.

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    Although it sounds dishonest, you were just a kid going through a rough time and I wouldnt even mention it. If you are still having problems now and then you probably shouldnt join, as military life may bring out the worst. But if it is completely behind you, I wouldnt tell them a thing about it. With HIPA and everything, they are not going to find out if you dont tell them.

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    If I remember correctly, you're asked on your form if you ever seen a psychologist or psychiatrist. Answer truthfully, they find out rather easily.

    As it stands, you are DQ but it is possible to become qualified. You should be able to schedule a psych eval at MEPS and then be recommended to become Q.

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    There are people in the Military who are depressed, they goto counseling. No, that's not a DQ, you can join, that was when you was 14 anyway, just don't tell them about it and they won't find out, they not gonna check your records when you join

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