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Dog Rash on the side of neck??!!?

on the side of my dogs neck there seems to be something that was irritating her from before and she has been itching at it for 2 months now and just yesterday 3 little bumps (similar to a bug bite) appeared on her neck and there is some scabbing there and there is a little bit of blood from her itching so much..and it seems like she's starting to loose her fur..umm does anyone know what this could be from?...ever since i got her a choke chain shes been itching and i think she might be allergic to it..but im not sure..i was thinking about buying her a leather collar instead might stop her from itching..if anyone can give me some suggestions that would be great!

and also anything i could put on her here like home products..that would stop her from itching or make it go away?

was thinking about putting socks on the back of her feet also lol so that way it will stop her from making it worse.....thanks!

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    Have you taken the dog to the vet in the 2 months since she's had this problem? If not, take her now. She's had this for too long.

    I hope your not leaving a choke chain on the dog at any time other than when your are walking her. They're dangerous and can get caught on things.

    If you put socks on her hind feet it may prevent her from scratching (if the socks stay on) but it won't stop her from being itchy and feeling uncomfortable. She has this problem for a reason and you need to find out what it is and treat her for it. VET!!!

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    My dog gets somthing like this. She has allergies. I use steroid cream that the doc gave me for my sons ezema. You still need to take to the vet incase it is ringworm or skin infection

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