Symbolism in the book "the body" by Stephen King. there is also a movie called "stand by me"?t would you li?

can you please help me find wat each thing symbolizes:

-The Dump

-The coin toss



-Ray Brower

-THe near miss with the train

-THe deer at the railway tracks

or if you have anything else the is a symbol it will be appreciated.

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    -The only thing the dump is used for is to show the time period (1959). Dumps like that used to be a lot more prevalent.

    -The coin toss is used to show the boys futures. Both the movie and the book have Gordie being singled out here.

    -Chopper is just to show you can't always believe everything you hear.

    -Billy? he always seemed unsure of himself

    -Ray Brower and the train dodge both showed the boys were leaving the childhood belief that you can't really get hurt like people in the news. The boys realize that 'hey you really can get hurt out on your own'.

    -The deer symbolizes innocence. It also shows that there is still some good in the world, since Gordie had seen a lot of bad so far on the trip. Plus, it's one of those moments in life that you just keep to yourself because you feel at one with nature.

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    Body Symbolism

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